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CD review ASPHYX "Incoming Death"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2016 von Markus W. in Asphyx, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Since a few years, actually almost since one decade, Dutch death metal flagship Asphyx embarked on a new adventure spreading again their brutal sound that brought the band so much attention during the 90's. "On the Wings of Inferno" was the restart of a band that belongs to the most important ones in death metal.

Since 2008 Asphyx releases again records on a regular base with the newest masterpiece being in the starting blocks. "Incoming Death" is the title of this brutal and relentless record that shows again why this band belongs to the major league of death metal. Some of the eleven songs are homeruns while each of the tunes is at least a base hit.

The game starts with a fastball called "Candiru", a high speed number that is a true blast and a well chosen opener. A song that comes with a similar approach is the title track and also "Wildland Fire" is one of these breath-taking highlights.

What I really like with this album are the changeball - the mid-pace tracks. It's not about speed. It's about energy and intensity with twists and breaks. "Division Brandenburg" belongs to this category, but also bigger sections of "The Feeder" comes with grooving riffs that are immense.

One of the most inclusive tracks is named "The Grand Denial". Asphyx celebrates all shades of death metal in this masterpiece. Slow moments act in turns with faster section, all leading to an acoustic outro that is the only calm moment on the entire record. And not only on this song Martin van Drunen screams his mind to the heavens. His hoarse voice is one of Asphyx's trademarks, or to stick to the baseball comparison - this guys is the designated hitter that brings home each of the eleven tracks.

All the mentioned peaks in the doom deather "Death:The Only Immortal" which is a slo-mo track that runs over you as being the listener. These eight minutes are the most intense ones I have heard from the Dutch metal dinosaurs. What a closer.

"Incoming Death" is an album that even tops the pretty strong "Deathhammer"-release from 2012, an undertaking that wasn't easy. Goed gedaan jongens.





  1. Candiru
  2. Division Brandenburg
  3. Wardroid
  4. The Feeder
  5. It Came From The Skies
  6. The Grand Denial
  7. Incoming Death
  8. Forerunners of the Apocalypse
  9. Subterra Incognita
  10. Wildland Fire
  11. Death: The Only Immortal


Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 30st, 2016

CD review ASPHYX "Incoming Death"