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CD review AIRBOURNE "Breakin' Outta Hell"

Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016 von Markus W. in Airbourne, Rock, Roc'n'Roll, Hardrock, Blues, CD Review, News

(8/10) In days when the ravages of time leave their marks on bands like AC/DC it's a good thing that the next generation sits in the starting blocks. Therefore it's a great to have bands like Airbourne who develops the sound of the iconic Australian five-piece band and brings it to another/modern level.

Airbourne are no rookies. Already the debut album "Runnin' Wild" from 2007 brought the band a lot of attention. It's the unbound wildness and their, positively meant, craziness that makes the four-piece stick out from the rest of many of todays hardrock bands. "No Guts. No Glory" was a continuation of what started with the debut and it's the title that brings the bands view of life to the point. "Black Dog Barking" helped the band to strengthen their position in rock, followed by Airbourne's next smasher called "Breakin' Outta Hell".

In case you expected a lot of new things on this next longplayer I have to disappoint you. Airbourne does what they can do best: bundle immense power and transfer it into riffs and hooks that are brilliant. This album is a pure adrenaline shock, a revitalization of what bands like AC/DC started.

"Breakin' Outta Hell" is so far Airbourne's best album. The sound of this new record is tight and dense. The band stands like a rock and I guess that the extensive touring activities helped the guys to grow together more and more.

The title track was the first song that was unveiled and it belongs to the typical Airbourne ones. A hammering rhythm meets a great riff meets spot-on vocals. This is hardrock without any compromises. I'm not surprised that the quartet chose this track for being the opener.

"Thin the Blood" is the right song for a hangover day. It's pure rock'n'roll, played fast and dirty, that blows life into your body. Another blast is called "When I Drink I Go Crazy" which is a party song per excellence.

Things don’t necessarily need to be fast. The O'Keeffe brothers can also slow done without losing the red thread. "Rivalry" is one of the slower paced tracks. It's a pure riff-rocker that blows your speaker.

The final track on the album is a bit special. Not because it sounds different, more since it's a kind of tribute to everybody that loves rock music. Airbourne has been in tour with Motörhead for quite many shows and it was Lemmy (RIP) that acted as the truck driver on the band's promo video for "Running Wild". Bringing all these memories back inspired the band to write "It's All for Rock’n’roll".

The sound of "Breakin' Outta Hell" rounds off this well done rock'n'roll package. Bob Marlette and Mike Fraser are the responsible names for the production of this album and the guys did a great job, giving Airbourne's music what it demands - dynamic power.

"Breakin' Outta Hell" became a great album and the guys will have many opportunities to present the songs to a bigger audience since they will be on tour with Volbeat in Europe in autumn this year. If Airbourne manages to bring at least half of their power on stage, which I don’t doubt for a second, the guys will make life for Volbeat at least not easier. Cool stuff.





  1. Breakin' Outta Hell
  2. Rivalry
  3. Get Back Up
  4. It's Never Too Loud For Me
  5. Thin the Blood
  6. I'm Going Through Hell For This
  7. Down on You
  8. Rocked Like This
  9. When I Drink I Go Crazy
  10. Do M Like You Do Yourself
  11. It's All For Rock'n'Roll


Label: SpinefarmUniversal

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016


CD review AIRBOURNE "Breakin' Outta Hell"