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CD review HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE "Dead Revolution"

Veröffentlicht am 6. August 2016 von Markus W. in Hammers Of Misfortune, Classic Rock, Prog Rock, Rock, Hardrock, News, CD Review, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal

(8/10) It took Hammers Of Misfortune quite some time to come out with their next album called “Dead Revolution”. There have been various reasons that thing took longer than what fans have expected. John Cobbett and Sigrid Shele welcomed a baby, other band members have been part of other projects and drummer Will Carroll supported Death Angel with the right punch. Last but not least the perfection of artwork for the vinyl release, all hand drawn and hand written, lead to another delay.

However, all this is history. “Dead Revolution” has been released and it was worth waiting. The sextet celebrates their well-done mixture of classic rock, doom and a bit of prog, something that leads to seven excellent tunes that are belonging to the best I have heard this year when it comes to classic rock.

The album isn’t a slow starter, something that gets carved into stone with the opener “The Velvet Revolution”. This songs stands for a mighty beginning, build on a cool riffing, combined with harmonic vocals lines. It’s hard not be charmed by this warm sounding rock song.

The title track is pulling you further into classic rock. The song reminds, from the melody as well as from the organic keyboard sound to Deep Purple. Hammers Of Misfortune keeps the pace high, another benefit of this gorgeous number.

“Sea of Heroes” is the first track where the band puts a foot on the break. It’s slower than the double header in the beginning by having the same intensity.

“The Precipie” follows a similar pattern as the title track by being a bit more complex and layered, before “here Comes the Sky” kicks-in. This songs shows the more doom-based side of Hammers Of Misfortune”. The dark expression and the slower pace reminded me slightly of Lake Of Tears. The joy of this tune is an almost hypnotic motive that builds the base for this outstanding number.

Time for some fast and furious stuff. “Flying Alone” is exactly the song that’s needed to keep the tracklist exciting.

“Days of ‘49” marks already the end of this well-crafted release. It’s another seven minutes epos that comes with a moderate tempo. It’s a very gloomy song that puts a spell on you and in this sense it’s a good choice for a bouncer.

“Dead Revolution” took a while to see the light of day. However, the result is convincing and belongs to my personal faves this year.





  1. The Velvet Inquisition
  2. Dead Revolution
  3. Sea of Heroes
  4. The Precipie
  5. Here Comes the Sky
  6. Flying Alone
  7. Days of ‘49


Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: July 22nd, 2016


CD review HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE "Dead Revolution"