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(8/10) It was a year ago when I got an album from a band called The Dead Daisies. Not really sure of what to expect I digged deeper into some fact around the band that released an album entitled "Revolución". Musicians Like Marco Mendoza, Dizzy Reed, Darryl Jones and so on sounded quite interesting and what I got to hear on "Revolución" was even better. This debut was more than a few musicians coming together to make some music. This album was dynamic hardrock the old-fashioned way - without coming across dusty. Something that makes The Dead Daisies to a vital band/project is the fact that there is now fix line-up, something that leads to a constant flow of new ideas.

After a great start and live shows, supporting e.g. Kiss and ZZ Top, it was time for a new album. Beginning of August is the moment of truth when the five-piece band comes with the sophomore record "Make Some Noise".

This time the line-up consists out of John Corabi (v), David Lowy (g), Brian Tichy (d), Doug Aldrich (g) and Marco Menoza (b) and the guys definitely make some noise on this album.

"Long Way to Go" is the opener and the first highlight. A bit of AC/DC meets Contraband meets Krokus. This song has an irresistible groove, is a perfect headbanger and marks a well-done start into this longplayer. "We All Fall Down" is next and doesn't belong to my faves, something that changes with "Song and a Prayer". It's song that sounds like a harder Bon Jovi song from the early days and it's a good example for how hardrock has to sound like these days.

"Mainline" follows and speed increases too. We are talking about a dirty rock'n'roller that combines a fast pace with a catchy melody. The title track brings Def Leppard and Kiss together in one number and the result sound damn good. With all the cross-references you might think, that The Dead Daisies copy these bands which isn't the case at all. The quintet's sound might not be rocket sciences, but this album has another huge benefit. The Dead Daisies sounds authentic and with every note played you can feels that the guys want to do what they do. Nothing feels forced or being a 'must'. This come a cross more as a jam session that includes a lot of creativity and freedom. This record contains an ease that is needed for good rock'n'roll.

And if the guys want to do a cover they just do it. "Fortunate Son" from Creedence Clearwater Revival is the one that made it on the tracklist and I think that the guys blew new life into this classic of rock.

I could continue like this since the second half of the album doesn't show any loss in quality.

The Dead Daisies second album picks it up where they ended with "Revolución" and added some new facets to their sound. Modern hardrock needs to sound like this album.





  1. Long Way To Go
  2. We All Fall Down
  3. Song And A Prayer
  4. Mainline
  5. Make Some Noise
  6. Fortunate Son
  7. Last Time I Saw The Sun
  8. Mine All Mine
  9. How Does It Feel
  10. Freedom
  11. All The Same
  12. Join Together


Label: Spitfire Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: August 5th, 2016

CD review THE DEAD DAISIES "Make Some Noise"
Tag(s) : #The Dead Daisies, #Hardrock, #News, #CD Review, #Rock, #Sleaze Rock

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