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CD review THE AMORETTES ""White Hot Heat"

Veröffentlicht am 6. Juli 2016 von Markus W. in The Amorettes, Motorhead, Hardrock, Rock, Heavy Metal, News, CD Review

(9/10) Oh boy, these girls know how to rock. The Amorettes release these days their newest punch called "White Hot Heat" and for sure this album is hot.

The ten songs on this longplayer are a pure rock firework that is a true energiser. From beginning to end the three girls put the pedal to the metal which leads to awesome rock songs.

"Batter up" is the start to this rock'n'roll overkill that is the soundtrack for a great party or, as in my case, for a ride through the Swedish sunset. The opener is good, but it's just a warm up for what's supposed to come.

One of the best tunes on the album is track no.2. "Let the Neighbors Call the Cops" is a dirty rocker that keeps the Motörhead spirit alive. Without any bells and whistles this song is brilliant and spot on. Keep it loud and let 'the neighbors call the cops'.

Other songs, same vibe. "Come'n'Get it", "Roll" and "Eyes on the Prize" are fun and entertainment for each rock'n'roller. Next to all these punky high speed songs "Crusader" covers the more moderate sounds of The Amorettes. However, a great song too and a real ear worm.

"Pervert Alert" comes with a great riff and "White Russian Roulette" brings you closer to a knock-out. Bass and drums kick-off "Man Meat", a song that is a bit weaker than all the other ones on "White Hot Heat", something that has more to do with the quality of the other tracks rather than with "Man Meat" itself. But in the end you get another hit right into your face. "Stealing Thunder"'starts with a bit of an ease before the tunes grows into a hardrocker that includes this anarchic vibe of rock'n'roll.

"White Hot Heat" is a longplayer that is a transporter for The Amorettes' unlimited passion for music that embraces simplicity as a gift. Good stuff doesn't need to be complex. It's passion and authenticity that is the receipt for success and The Amorettes have a lot of both.





  1. Batter Up
  2. Let The Neighbours Call The Cops
  3. Come ‘n’ Get It
  4. Roll
  5. Crusader
  6. Eyes On The Prize
  7. Pervert Alert
  8. White Russian Roulette
  9. Man Meat
  10. Stealing Thunder


Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: June 27th, 2016

CD review THE AMORETTES ""White Hot Heat"