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CD review SINSAENUM "Echoes of the Tortured"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Juli 2016 von Markus W. in Sinsaenum, Slipknot, Dragonforce, News, CD Review, Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Mayhem

(8/10) Sinsaenum is the brainchild of Dragonforce guitarist and bass player Frederic Leclercq who has since many years a certain passion for death metal too - a genre not really covered by his main band. While being responsible for the four strings at Dragonforce Leclercq switched to the six strings with Sinsaenum.

It took a while till he got together an entire band/project. The first one joining the French musician was guitarist Stéphane Buriez from Loudblast, followed by nobody less than x-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison who was looking for some new challenges. It was also Jordison who came up with the idea of Sinsaenum, a hybrid of 'sin' and insane'. I think these two words hit bulls-eye, leading to a band name that fits.

The role of being the frontman is split up between two great singers, growler, and shouters. Mayhem singer Attila Csihar adds a new dimension to Sinsaenum's sound. His powerful, desperate and sometimes moaning vocals are a perfect counterpart to Sean Zatorsky (Chimaira, Dååth) screams and aggressive growls. These two guys seriously rock. The line-up was completed by bass player Heimoth and Sinsaenum was ready to go.

The songs on "Echoes of the Tortured" are heavy and complex. The band doesn't sound oldschool at all and they are neither playing death metal the Florida-style nor Scandinavian style in its purity. In one or another way the guys, probably based on all their experience, build an own death metal expression that brings together various influences to a great total.

The album starts with "Materialization", an instrumental prologue for what comes next; the brutal "Splendor and Agony". The raging death metal track is a real start into an exciting album. After such breath-taking beginning "Excommunicare" follows, which another interlude. 

You might have asked yourself, why this longplayer come with 21 songs. In the end it’s a bit less, since there is a constant switch between death metal smasher and interlude, something that gives the entire album a sort of arc of suspense.

On of my favourites on "Echoes of the Tortured" is called "Army of Chaos". Musically the song is actually pretty well structured and less chaos. The joy with this tune is that it's kept in a more moderate pace, has a real groove and feels like a sonic steamroller. 

The Sinsaenum also doesn’t hesitate to add some acoustic elements to their sound proves "Condemned to Suffer" which starts slowly before it turns into a metal blast.

One of the most anarchic tracks on this longplayer is "Anfang des Alptraums". Yes, it got a German title which means 'Beginning of the Nightmare". It's a fast one that keeps the foot on the pedal, still including some melodic guitar lines and leads.

Last but not least the album can be seen as one unit since the songs are all belonging together, telling a story based on an idea of Leclercq, with contribution of each band member. The fact that song are divided into separate parts by some intermezzos gives "Echoes of the Tortured" almost a soundtrack expression. At least the album is creating some cinematic pictures, your own mind movie, transported by the various tracks.

Sinsaenum are more than just a project or a one-time all-star collaboration. These guys are still hungry, something that is a very positive news for fans of modern death metal.





  1. Materialization
  2. Splendor & agony
  3. Excommunicare
  4. Inverted cross
  5. March
  6. Army of chaos
  7. Redemption
  8. Dead souls
  9. Lullaby
  10. Final curse
  11. Condemned to suffer
  12. Ritual
  13. Sacrifice
  14. Damnation
  15. The forgotten one
  16. Torment
  17. Anfang des Albtraumes
  18. Mist
  19. Echoes of the tortured
  20. Emptiness
  21. Gods of hell


Label: Peccatum Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 29th, 2016

CD review SINSAENUM "Echoes of the Tortured"