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CD review DENNER/SHERMANN "Masters of Evil"

Veröffentlicht am 5. Juli 2016 von Markus W. in DennerShermann, King Diamond, Merciful Fate, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Prog Metal

(8/10) A few months ago Metal Blade Records announced an EP that immediately asked for my attention. Danish master of twin guitars Michael Denner and Hank Shermann started to work together on an EP. This was great news and the fact that the line-up was completed by Snowy Shaw on drums, Marc Grabowski on the four-string and Cage's Sean Peck made this project even more thrilling.

"Satan's Tomb" was the name of this EP that includes four brand new tracks of the five-piece band; each of them a metal highlight. This happened in October last year and the guys didn't really take a too long break. Actually they continued working on new material which is the core of the debut album "Masters of Evil".

This studio release features eight songs that are, compared to the 12", more complex. The double-header "Angels Blood" and "Son of Satan" reflect this very well. What was easier to digest on the EP got more layered and more demanding, for the band and the listener. This not a downer, not at all. This is metal on a high level that is far more then musical fast food. "Masters of Evil" takes time.

It took me 4-5 listening sessions before I could enjoy the full potential of "Maters of Evil". It's not only the layered music in itself, it's also Peck's vocals with these high pitch screems that need some time to grow. There are very little moments when I had to think about King Diamond. Peck has an own way of singing that reminds more of Judas Priest. In the end I must say that he fits perfect to this kind of music and I appreciate his vocals on this album more than with the Cage stuff. 

No doubt, the guitars sound more than once like in the good old Merciful Fate times. This ain't a big surprise and actually it's quite refreshing to hear these two iconic guitarists together on "Masters of Evil".
A song that belongs to the more straightforward ones is "Pentagram and the Cross". It's still a demanding one but easier accessible for the listener. What follows is the heart of this album - the title track. Starting with a melodic lead guitar the number belongs to the faster ones, a track that is pure Danish dynamite. Modern power metal can't sound much better. 
"The Baroness" marks the epical end of a joyful debut, done by guys that know how real metal must sound like. Thumbs up and hopefully just a beginning and not the end of this five-piece band.

This whole package gets rounded off by the artwork, done by Swedish artist Thomas Holm. It reminds of Merciful Fate's "Don't breaking the Oath". A 'must have' album.





  1. Angels Blood
  2. Son of Satan
  3. The Wolf Feeds the Night
  4. Pentagram and the Cross
  5. Masters of Evil
  6. Servants of Dragon
  7. Escape from Hell
  8. The Baroness


Label: Metal Blades

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: June 24th, 2016

CD review DENNER/SHERMANN "Masters of Evil"