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CD review ARCTIC "s/t"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Juli 2016 von Markus W. in Arctic, Stoner Rock, Rock, Heavy Rock, News, CD Review, Doom Metal

(7/10) Normally it's not that cold in California and maybe it is the heat that inspired the guys of this band to name themselves Arctic. However, Oceanside, CA is the homebase of this trio. Figgy, Nuge and Frex are obviously fans of Black Sabbath, something that more than inspired their music.

This album, actually it's more an EP, features five songs that are all instrumental, with the exception of "Burnt Ice" which contains some vocals which are actually more spoken words than singing.

"S/T" is Arctic's first release and it doesn't sound too bad. Yes, there are a lot of stoner bands around at the moment and it feels like the market being overrun by new bands. However, these three pro-skaters are worth to listen to since their five songs reflect a certain freedom and down to earth approach.

My personal fave on this release is the really heavy "Cryptic Black Sun" that transfers an extra orinary amount of power, but also the more nuanced "Daewon" is a cool track that includes some interesting twists.

Arctic isn't as cold as expected. The music of these three guys is actually quite hot and in case you like stoner music and doom metal you should check this release.





  1. Over Smoked
  2. Cryptic Black Sun
  3. Burnt Ice
  4. Daewon
  5. Higher


Label: Outer Battery

Genre: Stoner Rock

Release Date EU: June 24th, 2016

CD review ARCTIC "s/t"