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CD review RIVAL SONS "Hollow Bones"

Veröffentlicht am 4. Juni 2016 von Markus W. in Rival Sons, Hardrock, Rock, Retro, News, CD Review, Classic Rock

(9/10) Rival Sons can look back on a seven years long history and they have been one of the first bands of this retro rock revival that took over during the last years. The guys have been working hard and all the effort resulted in four albums with the fifth one being in the pipline.

The debut "Before the Fire" was self-released and brought the band some first positive feedback - and a deal with Earache. Inking a deal with UK-based label was the kick-start for Rival Sons. "Pressure & Time" faced chart entries in some countries and followed by two more releases, being even more successful.

"Hollow Bones" is the next strike which will become a new chapter in Rival Son's success story. This time the title track frames the entire album. "Hollow Bones Pt.1" kicks things off while it is "Hollow Bones Pt.2" that brings it home. Both parts are typical Rival Sons rockers that come with a lot of feel and a great rock vibe.

A song I really like on "Hollow Bones" is called "Black Coffee", a title that tells the whole story. This tune is like a coffeine shot that instantly wakes you up. Blues, soul and rock come together, building a frame work for one of the best tracks on Rival Sons' new album. You can't escape from this tune that has an great groove and extremely cool vocals by Jay Buchanan.

But also the other tunes don't need to stand back. "Baby Boy" and "Pretty Face" are brilliant retro rockers a lot of other bands would love to have as a part of their discography.

Rival Sons are rocking very well on "Hollow Bones, but there are also some more silent moments. "Tied Up" is partly one of those. It's mainly the verse that is kept more quiet before the tune builds up and ends in a catchy and hard chorus, still with a lot of emotion included. "Thundering Voices" is next and the number follows a similar pattern. In one or another way I was reminded of Jethro Tull when I listened to this track, even though it doesn't include any flute.

Rival Sons have a constantly growing fan base and "Hollow Bones" will increase this group even more. This album is a shining start in the wide universe of rock music.





  1. Hollow Bones, Pt 1.
  2. Tied Up
  3. Thundering Voices
  4. Baby Boy
  5. Pretty Face
  6. Fade Out
  7. Black Coffee
  8. Hollow Bones, Pt. 2
  9. All That I Want

Label: Earache

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: June 10th, 2016

CD review RIVAL SONS "Hollow Bones"