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(8/10) Hamburg Rock City, something that gets proven by various bands with High Fighter being one of them. The career of this quintet began in 2014 when members of A Million Miles, Buffalo Hump and Pyogenesis found together, forming High Fighter.

"The Goat Ritual" was the first countable output. This disc was a self-released one, featuring 5 tracks combining sludge, doom and stoner rock. The EP got some good feedback, a motivator for the band to work on their full-length debut.

A word and a blow. High Fighter's first longplayer is out in the recordshops and 'answers' to the name of "Scars & Crosses".

A key to success is Mona Miluski's vocals supported by a pretty tight playing band. Miluski's big plus is the range she can handle with her voice. On the one side their are brutal screams that constantly switch between rage and despair. But for not becoming too predictable High Fighters adds clean vocal lines to their sound which makes the whole album to an entertaining and intensive trip.

Highlighs I want to mention are the slow grooving opener "A Silver Heart", the slo-mo steamroller "The Gatekeeper" and the angry "Blinders" with some bloodcrudling screams from Miluski. Last but not least there is the title track that comes at the end of this remarkable album. High Fighters puts all their trademarks into this number - from slower pace to raging sound eruptions, from groove to mighty stoner riffing.

High Fighter released an exciting debut that shows all the band's potential. These guys aren't a fleeting star and I guess we will hear more of them in the coming months.





  1. A Silver Heart
  2. Darkest Days
  3. The Gatekeeper
  4. Blinders
  5. Portrait Mind
  6. Gods
  7. Down to the Sky
  8. Scars & Cosses


Label: Svart Records

Genre: Sludge

Release Date EU: June 10, 2016


CD review HIGH FIGHTER "Scars & Crosses"
Tag(s) : #High Fighter, #News, #CD Review, #Stoner Rock, #Sludge, #Doom Metal, #Alternative Metal

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