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(8/10) Steve Hackett, known from bands like Genesis and GTR, will release a live album that is a well-crafted retrospective on the immense discography of the UK-based guitarist. After having published the latest studio album "Wolflight", Hackett got the opportunity of recording one live show on the British leg of his 2015 tour. Since the guitarist did already live recordings in London, it was his ambition to go for another show in the UK and the winner was Liverpool, the home of The Beatles.

Next to this it was the venue, the Philharmonic Hall, that was the right scenery for recording a show that included Hackett's solo highlights as well as some Genesis pearls he was part of. In total 23 songs have been performed which led to three hours of finest (prog) rock music, played by Hackett himself with support of genre icons like e.g. Roine Stolt on bass.

The sound on this live album is excellent. Not only that Ben Fenner did an really good job, also the venue itself supported a dynamic and diversified sound, for the softer as well as for the more rocking parts of the set.

Talking about the set, the first half was filled with Hackett's solo material, including very early numbers like "Ace of Wands" from the solo debut plus "Every Day" and the title track from the 1979 release "Spectral Morning". This half was spiced-up with new songs like "Wolflight" from the mentioned latest studio album. 

The second part of this outstanding prog evening paid attention to Genesis, at a time when the band was deep into prog rock and far away from mainstream chart hits of the later years.

One thing I was missing though is a song from GTR. "The Hunter", as one example, would have been a great complementation of this retrospective of one of the most influencial guitarists in UK-rock music.

The acoustic version of this release is already an pure enjoyment that deserves focus and earphones. But also the visual capturing is well done and completes a very positive image of this special show.

Paul Green, who was responsible for the filming, did a brilliant job, capturing the unique moments of this evening in Liverpool. The scenery was kept puristic. It's the music and the musicians that are literally in the spotlight. Still, even though there aren't any frills and decoration, it's a pleasure to watch this show on DVD.

"The Total Experience - Live in Liverpool" is what it is, the full Steve Hackett experience. This release draws a (almost) full picture of Hackett's oeuvre, music that influenced generations of other musicians and guitarist. This man is a real artist from the good old times and far away from these 'service providers' that are around today so often. Well done and a 'must' for fans of excellent rock music.




CD 1:

  1. Corycian Fire Intro (1:17)
  2. Spectral Mornings (5:39)
  3. Out of the Body (2:29)
  4. Wolflight (9:13)
  5. Every Day (6:46)
  6. Love Song to a Vampire (8:50)
  7. The Wheel's Turning (8:08)
  8. Loving Sea (4:13)
  9. Jacuzzi (4:13)
  10. Icarus Ascending (8:08)
  11. Star of Sirius (4:37)
  12. Ace of Wands (6:28)
  13. A Tower Struck Down (4:31)

CD 2:

  1. Shadow of the Hierophant (11:48)
  2. Get 'em Out by Friday (9:12) *
  3. Can-Utility and the Coastliners (6:01) *
  4. After the Ordeal (6:47) *
  5. The Cinema Show (11:00) *
  6. Aisle of Plenty (1:29) *
  7. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (4:47) *
  8. The Musical Box (12:15) *
  9. Clocks (5:54)
  10. Firth of Fifth (10:21) *

* Genesis song, co-written / co-composed by Steve Hackett

DVD 1:

  1. Corycian Fire intro
  2. Spectral Mornings
  3. Out of the Body
  4. Wolflight
  5. Every Day
  6. Love Song to a Vampire
  7. The Wheel’s Turning
  8. Loving Sea
  9. Jacuzzi
  10. Icarus Ascending
  11. Star of Sirius
  12. Ace of Wands
  13. A Tower Struck Down
  14. Shadow of the Hierophant
  15. Get ‘em Out by Friday
  16. Can-Utility and the Coastliners
  17. After the Ordeal
  18. The Cinema Show
  19. Aisle of Plenty
  20. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway 21 The Musical Box
  21. Clocks
  22. Firth of Fifth

DVD 2:

Live in Liverpool Behind the Scenes Documentary Somewhere South of the River Rehearsal Documentary Videos:
Wolflight / Love Song to a Vampire / Corycian Fire


Label: InsideOut Music

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: June 24th, 2016

CD/DVD review STEVE HACKETT "The Total Experience - Live in Liverpool"
Tag(s) : #Steve Hackett, #Genesis, #News, #Rock, #Prog Rock, #New, #CD Review, #DVD review

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