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(7/10) It's maybe a coinsidence or something that was planned very well. The new Gruesome EP and Death's "Scream Bloody Gore" re-release enter the shops at the same time. So we will have the original and Gruesome's salute at the same time. You can't get more.

Anyhow, Gruesome's new record is called "Dimension of Horror" and contains six death monsters that are again influence very much by Chuck Schuldiner's Death. After having been part of Death To All, Matt Harvey and Gus Rios started to write their own songs with the aim to keep Death's sound alive. And they managed.

The first result of this cooperation was the "Savage Land" release, an album that got pretty good feedback. What follows is "Dimension of Horror", an EP on which the band continues fulfilling their mission.

The tunes on this EP are face-smashing metal tracks that shows the band in a good shape and form. Each of the six numbers is build on raging rhythms, blistering riffs and deep growls. Gruesome doesn't spend a lot of time in writing long and epical songs. Each of the tunes is right to the point and none of them is overloaded with unnecessary frills. This doesn't mean that they aren't technically ambitions. It;s just the true energy that rules.

This package is rounded off by the excellent artwork done by Ed Repka, a master of his trade.

Gruesome adds with "Dimension of Horror" a well done new EP to their discography that enriches today's death metal.





  1. Forces of Death
  2. Raped by Darkness
  3. Amputation
  4. Hellbound
  5. Seven Doors
  6. Dimension of Horror


Label: Replapse Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: May 20st, 2016


CD review GRUESOME "Dimension of Horror" EP
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