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(7/10) "Trust No One" is another wild ride on a modern thrash rollercoaster. You step into the cart, knowing that you're facing a wild experience to come. The first leg on "Trust No One" is called "Testimony of Truth" and it's like the cart being pulled up to the top of the roller-coaster. It's less fast and probably it's more the foresight on what's coming next than the moment itself that's thrilling, like with the opener. I actually think, that "Testimony of Truth" belongs to the weaker tunes on Devildriver's new album. It is a heavy one, but it's also a bit of a bloodless one too. I never really found my way into this number and when I listened to the album the first time I was hoping that not the entire record follows this pattern.

Fortunately things chance with "Bad Deeds" and the cart gains speed. Guitars and a mighty beat starts this tune that is a typical Devildriver groove song. Dez Fafara's vocals sound aggressive and energetic as we're used to. The riffing is also quite brutal which makes the entire track to one of the better ones on "Trust No One". The groove stays, the pace is reduced, that's "My Night Sky". The number is pretty dark and sounds like something sinister being on it's way.

A more melodic headbanger got the name "Daybreak" which is one of the most catchy songs on the album. The verse is kept in a typical Devildriver style while it's the chorus that became surprisingly melodic and catchy. It's on of those more laid-back moments on this metallic roller-coaster before things get back to speed.

A looping that turns you literally upside down isn't missing on this ride either. The title track is the song that comes with this effect. Wild and raging, the song makes you whirling around, followed by a straight downwards directed tune like "Feeling Ungodly".

"Retribution" is good but not adding that much new to the album, something that changes with "For What Its Worth". The song starts with a kind of silent intro before you're going into the last curves. The track is a groove monster that combines angry shouts with some quite melodic parts, similar to "Daylight".

There are probably more attractions that wants to be discovered but you should definitely consider a ride on this one too.





  1. Testimony of Truth
  2. Bad Deeds
  3. My Night Sky
  4. This Deception
  5. Above it All
  6. Daybreak
  7. Trust No One
  8. Feeling Ungodly
  9. Retributuion
  10. For What Its Worth


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Groove Metal

Release Date EU: May 13th, 2016

CD review DEVILDRIVER "Trust No One"
Tag(s) : #Devildriver, #Modern Metal, #Groove Metal, #News, #CD Review, #Alternative Metal, #Thrash Metal

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