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CD review TREAT "Ghost of Graceland"

Veröffentlicht am 20. April 2016 von Markus W. in Treat, Hardrock, Melodic Metal, Classic Rock, News, CD Review, Europe, Rock

(8/10) It happened in the wake of Europe success with "The Final Countdown" that some more Scandinavian melodic rock bands got extra attention too. Treat was one of these bands, celebrating with "Dreamhunter" from 1987 one of their biggest hits. But things didn't stay on a sky high level and reality took over again step by step, something that led a disbanding in 1993.

It took till 2005 when a compilation sold very well, something that can be seen as the take-off for Treat part II. Surprisingly it was and is almost the original line-up that found some common ground again. The only change happened at the four-string, done nowadays by Pontus Egberg. The rest of Treat, which is Anders, Robert, Jamie and Partick, have been part of the band already in the early days, something that guarnteed a certain continuity in Treat's sound. It feels like the guys found again some fun and passion for melodic hardrock, something that became obvious already with the 2010 album "Coup de Grace".

In the meantime 6 more years went by and Treat used the time for working on their next punch called "Ghost of Graceland".

The new record features twelve brand new songs, all showing that the five-piece is still hungry for well-done melodic metal music. Each of the tracks combines hard rocking guitars, a strong rhythm section and a good sense for melodies into a mixture that is beyond a lot of bands in this genre. The experience, the guys can build on, is paying back on "Ghost of Graceland".

And also today, I can see the parallels with Europe. Maybe not that much when it comes to the sound of the two band, knowing that Joey Tempest and has gang discovered the blues for their music. No, it's more about releasing a longplayer that sound mature and still energetic. "Ghost of Graceland" stands for melodic hardrock that is mainly beyond genre stereotypes, combining classic rock roots with a contemorary sound.

And the album also got a very personal touch. As Anders Wikstrom describes, it is his take on the world. The title track, as one example, is a metaphor that stands for "paradies or prison" and also the toher tunes are about current issue from politics, economics and relationships.

If you like melodic metal you should have listend to "Ghost of Graceland", an album that became surprisingly good, bringing Treat again in the spotlight after having been away for too long.





  1. Ghost of Graceland
  2. I Don't Miss the Misery
  3. Better the Devil You Know
  4. Do Your Won Stunts
  5. Endangered
  6. Inferno
  7. Alien Earthlings
  8. Nonstop Madness
  9. Too Late to Die Young
  10. House on Fire
  11. Together Alone
  12. Everything to Everyone


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: April 15th, 2016


CD review TREAT "Ghost of Graceland"