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CD review STAM1NA "Elokuutio"

Veröffentlicht am 22. April 2016 von Markus W. in STAM1NA, Modern Metal, Rock, News, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Prog Metal

(6/10) I would have loved a situation where I could have told you that STAM1NA made a huge step forward and that they might become the next big thing. Starting in such a way shows you, that there aren't big steps forward.

"Elokuutio" is the next release of the Finns, an album that follows the 2012 longplayer "SLK". STAM1NA created again a melting pot os styles that misses a clear cut-couse. The band jumps between many influences by never getting even close to a level of the genius Waltari.

Come hell or high water, these guys seems like being seen as very successful, something that actually works in the homeland. But also the newest release will not change anyhing when it comes to their popularity outside Finland.

As I mentioned in the "SLK" review, this might be also connected to the lyrics, that are kept in Finnish, something that doesn't make it easier to understand the lyrical concept of the album about a self-conscious gaget. But in the end it's the musical output that limits the level of excitement. It's just too scattered and too bloodless.

Due to the tremendous success in Finland, "Elokuutio" is already the seventh release of STAM1NA. I could imagine that also this disc will find some friends in the northern country. That means, if you liked the predecessors you will also appreciate "Elokuutio" and in case you couldn't do anything with the earlier releases, you can relaxed focus on something else.





  1. Ikoneklasmia
  2. Elokuutio
  3. Meidänkaltaisillemme
  4. Pala palalta
  5. Pienet vihreät miehet
  6. Mätä hohtava omena
  7. D.S.M.
  8. Marttyyri
  9. Kuudet raamit
  10. Valhe


Label: Sakara Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: April 22nd, 2016

CD review STAM1NA "Elokuutio"