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(8/10) High Roller Records is a label that has a great sense for true metal, a statement that gets underlined by Savage Master's newest release. Stacy Peak and her gang releases with "With Whips and Chains" already longplayer number two, following "Mask the Devil" which was the debut of the band from Louisville, Kentucky.

Founded in 2013, the band stands out first of all from a visual perspective. Leather is the most present material used for the outfit and it's the guys with their hoods, that reminds of the Mentors.

The music though is slightly different. As mentioned, Savage Master is into true heavy metal that sounds real, basic and dirty. One crucial factor for this sound is Peak's raucous vocals, something that spices up Savage Master's sound tremendously. She's the one leading the pack and the guys follow. This is at least the impression you could get by listening to the ten songs.

The songs on the album are all spreading a certain 80's metal vibe, which is excellently captured in tunes like the title track "With Whips and Chains", but also the galloping "Vengeance is Steel" belongs to the real highlights of this longplayer.

Savage Master is true underground and real metal. If Manowar claims to play true metal, than the guys should listen to records like "With Whips and Chains". This is an album, I call true metal. Bang your head.





  1. Call of the Master
  2. Dark Light of the Moon
  3. With Whips and Chains
  4. Path of the Necromancer
  5. Vengeance is Steel
  6. Looking for Sacrifice
  7. Satan's Crown
  8. Burned at the Stake
  9. Black Hooves
  10. Ready to Sin


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 22nd, 2016

CD review SAVAGE MASTER "With Whips and Chains"
Tag(s) : #Savage Master, #Heavy Metal, #Power Metal, #US Metal, #NWoBHM, #CD Review, #News

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