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Veröffentlicht am 28. April 2016 von Markus W. in Long Distance Calling, Rock, Prog Rock, Alternative Rock, News, CD Review

(9/10) Münster, Germany is a city that has a rich cultural scene that generated bands like Black Space Riders, Eat The Gun and ... Long Distance Calling. All these bands have in common that they found their own style with their own trademarks. It's hard to put them into a certain box, label them and done.

In case of Long Distance Calling we can conclude that the guys found their own niche, consisting out of prog rock, avengarde, post-rock and indie-rock, sometimes even pop. The band combine these styles into an almost unique sound which they constantly developed since almost one decade.

What impresses me is the range of musical expressions the guys from Germany offer on their new masterpiece.

"Getaway" marks the beginning of an exciting journey through sounds. Imagine Barclay James Harvest meets Styx to interprete the title track of the cartoon series "Captain Future". This sound weird, indeed. But in the end all this fits together very well, ending up in a n instrumental song that comes with big keyboard-based soundscapes which are guiding you through a musical outerspace.

After such a beginning it's important to "Reconnect". The keyboards are still playing an important role while guitars get more to the forefront. And it's the first song on the album that includes vocals.

Let's jump a bit further on the tracklist. "Trauma" is the next level of Long Distance Calling's heavy sound escalation. It's again an instrumental that includes mighty guitars reminding of Rammstein. To make things even more exciting, the guys reduce this sound cocktail to a grooving bassline in the middle part of this track which is well done counterpart to the loud riffing from the start.

With "Presence" the new disc also included a short interlude, reflecting on the time machine that's part of each of us.

"Momentum" and "Plans" are next, tunes that can easily keep the high level of this longplayer. And they are a kind of prologue for the actually masterpiece entitled "Flux".

This is the grand finale on "Trips". It's a twelve minutes epos in which Long Distance Calling pulls out all the stops. Beautiful arcs of melody create a dreamful soundscape that surrounds you with warmth and comfort. The song builds up along the way and harder guitars make it to a powerful one, something that adds new variants to the tune. It's this correlation between beauty and heavy that is the main thrill of this wonderful composition, that is, by the way, another instrumental.

Long Distance Calling soothed my short distance flight. "Trips" is an album that shows an awesome band at it's best. "Trips" is so far the best album of Long Distance Calling, a record that has to be part of each serious record collection. My expectations has been high, but "Trips" is exceeding those.





  1. Getaway 
  2. Reconnect 
  3. Rewind 
  4. Trauma 
  5. Lines 
  6. Presence 
  7. Momentum 
  8. Plans 
  9. Flux 


Label: Inside Out

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: April 29th, 2016