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CD review DUST BOWL JOKIES "Dust Bowl Jokies"

Veröffentlicht am 16. April 2016 von Markus W. in Dust Bowl Jokies, Hardcore, Rock, Glam Rock, Sleaze Rock, News, CD Review

(8/10) Who cares about the current hype about the Guns'n'Roses? Maybe some. Maybe some more. Anyhow, there is far better stuff out there, young guys that are really hungry. Their name; Dust Bowl Jokies.

The guys from Sweden released their debut "Cockaigne Vaudeville" already in 2012 and I guess that most of you missed it, something you should avoid when it comes to their second album. Simply entitled "Dust Bowl Jokies", the longplayer counts ten songs that are sleaze metal which is positioned somewhere between Guns'n'Roses, LA Guns and Mötley Crüe.

I have no idea where Sweden takes it from, but there are so many good bands coming from IKEA country that it's almost scary. This means for Dust Bowl Jokies a hard competition, but also a good craftmanship when it comes to their songs.

The good thing with this album is the fact that Alexx, Victor, Action, Freddan and Nicke do not purely stick to the usual sleaze rock principle. They guys are creative enough to add various elements to their sound which makes each song to a little rock pearl that shines brighter each time you look/listen to them.

Just take the opening triple as an example. "Mama Cocha" is a pure sleaze rocker while the next tune, "The Moon Hanger Groove", includes a horn section that spices-up things in a good way. The third track is "Borderline" and it includes some AC/DC influences by still being fully embedded in the glam rock box.

"Pink Flamingos" has nothing to do with Miami Vice and it's with its five minutes also no ballad. It is an interesting midpacer with a real hit potential.

And if all this wouldn't be enough "Old Fashioned Country Canvas" comes with a certain country-style approach that reminds of Cinderalla, an impressionthat gets even stronger with "Rawbone".

To sum up. You need to check out this album. It contains refreshing rock'n'roll that is energetic and full of passion. The album got a good sound which supports the songs of this hungry band that has the potential to score on a far bigger scale in the future.





  1. Mama Cocha
  2. The Moon Hanger Grove
  3. Borderland
  4. Old Fashioned Country Canvas 
  5. Pink Flamingos
  6. Rawbone
  7. Bad Juju
  8. Hogs n Heifers
  9. Son Of The Sun
  10. Lulu


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: April 22dn, 2016

CD review DUST BOWL JOKIES "Dust Bowl Jokies"