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(8/10) Bands playing typical sleaze metal are facing some harder times than some others. This genre isn't the most trendy one right here & now and you get immediately the hairspray/spandex days back in your mind.

Anyhow, Poison and friends had their successes many years ago and now it's time for the young guys to re-discover this kind of music again.

One of those bands are The Last Vegas and actually the band isn't that new. The guys are in business already since 2003 and they do have already several releases on their musical credit balance. But for whatever reason I missed the band's earlier records. The more I was surprised of what I got to hear after pressing the 'play'-button.

"Ear me" is the title of The Last Vegas' current longplayer. The colourful rainbow artwork might look a bit like hippie-style, but the music is excellent hardrock with a huge glam factor being included.

No doubt, the guys from Chicago live the cliche, but they do it in a good way. It feels, like they take the best of bands like Skid Row ("Anything it Takes"), Great White ("Here We Go Again") and Mötley Crüe ("Along for the Ride"), put it in the sound mixer with the outcome of eleven glam rock anthems that are grooving like hell.

But also American punk rock influenced the quintet from Illinois. "To be Treated" is a song that shows this very clearly. This track is a dirty punkrocker that is very much Ramones inspired.

Next to those smashers it's also the more soulful (half-) ballads that are satisfying too. I personally like "Universe & You" since it contains the spirit of the 80's glam rock without drowning in cheesy cliche. 

"Eat me" is one of the most thrilling sleaze albums I have listened to during the last couple of years. Check it out.





  1. Blood thirsty
  2. Here We Go Again
  3. Universe & You
  4. Hot Fudge
  5. Along for the Ride
  6. Vooddo Woman
  7. Loves got Nothing
  8. Hard to Get
  9. To be treated
  10. Anything it Takes
  11. From Hell


Label: AFM

Genre: Glam Rock

Release Date EU: March 18th, 2016

CD review THE LAST VEGAS "Eat me"
Tag(s) : #The Last Vegas, #Hardrock, #Sleaze Rock, #Glam Rock, #News, #CD Review

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