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CD review RIDEAU "Rideau"

Veröffentlicht am 27. März 2016 von Markus W. in Rideau, Punkrock, Punk, News, CD Review, Hardcore

(8/10) Maybe it's only me, but till a few days ago 'rideau' didn't mean anything more to me than being the French word for 'curtain'. Then I got an album of a band named Rideau and the level of curiosity was raising. No idea what to expect; a feeling that even got stronger by listening to the hypnotic intro entitled "Eye Closure". If you follow the title and you close your eye, then you fell like laying on the couch of a psycho therapist, getting closer and closer to hypnosis. So far so good. But what does all this has to to with rock and metal?

"Ecstacy" isn't the final answer to this question, but the song shows, that the guys from Örebro are surprisingly good. "Rideau" creates a sonic cocktail that includes punk, hardcore and rock'n'roll. Asked about the influnces of Rideau, the guys mention bands like The Hives and Swedish Refused by adding a bit of Kvelertak. I think, that this describes their music very well and it gives you an idea about what to expect.

Another full force track is called "Shameday" which is a rude punk rocker that is spot on, introduced by a short instrumental called "Dvala". 

A song that stand out from the rest is "Reverend Bob", a tune which is a slow pace groover that feels like a song taken from a Tarantino soundtrack. Even though the song is special and extends the general pattern of "Rideau", I have to admit that it doesn't really belong to my faves. 

Most of the numbers on this debut are between two and three minutes long. All the more surprising is the fact, that the closer "December" is an almost 10 minutes long track. The song starts slowly and, how you expect it from a December day in Sweden, it's a dark number that step by step turns into an energetic postcore/alternative rock song. Some parts reminded me of Tool while the long instrumental section towards the end got a jazzy expression, not least because the saxophone gives the tune a new twist. Things get more silent again along the way and you get the impression of the song getting closer to its end. Wrong assumption because of a mighty wall of sound that rouse you from slumber and accompanies you till the final end of "Rideau".

"Rideau" is a quite good debut that is build on the revolutionary energy of the youth. Not that things are totally new on this album but it's the mixture of punk rock and Swedish musical capabilities that gives the album and the band an own identity.





  1. Eye Closure
  2. Ecstasy
  3. The Bull and the Dove
  4. I Guess it's so
  5. Mayday
  6. Reverend Bob
  7. Stand Still
  8. No Ait, No Food, No Luck
  9. Bloodshot
  10. Dvala
  11. Shameday
  12. An Act of Revolution
  13. December


Label: Mutiny Records

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: April 1st, 2016


CD review RIDEAU "Rideau"