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LP review PLACEBO "Sleeping With Ghosts" and "Meds" (vinyl re-issue)

Veröffentlicht am 29. März 2016 von Markus W. in Placebo, News, Rock, Alternative Metal, CD Review, Vinyl

(*/10) Worldwide successful alternative rocker Placebo took two of their records and remastered them. The 2003 release "Sleeping With Ghosts" and the next longplayer, "Meds", released in 2006, will be reissued by Universal Music and the releases are planned for Fenruary and April,

All the songs, of both albums, have been remastered and Placebo publish them in 180 gramm black vinyl. 

The first of the two vinyl releases is "Sleeping With Ghosts". Originally published in 2003, the album was Placebo's next step on the ladder to success. Partly more electronic than the predecessor the trio reached new levels with their sound. 

The ones of you that call the original record their own know what I'm talking about. Songs like the aggressive opener "Bulletproof Cupid", a tune that is a well design noise orgy, but also the darker title track belong to the spearhead of alternative rock, embedded in a commercial framework. To round off the musical spectra of Placebo I also need to mention the complex "Something Rotten" with its gloomy vibe. This song is special and intersting. It doesn't belong to my faves on the album but it shows the musical width of the band very well.
For me Placebo are best when they unleash their special guitar sound that climaxes in indie rockers like "Plasticine".
The second record that made it on vinyl is "Meds" which led to first number one chart positions in countries like Austria and Switzerland. But also in their 'homeland' England Placebo entered the top 10. "Meds" it brought back to the bands origins with a sound that reduced the electronic elements dramatically. While the guitars got back into the spotlight it's Brian Molko's special vocals that are the consistant element in Placebo's sound. 
I think that it was a good decision to honor those two albums with a vinyl re-issue. "Sleeping with Ghosts", as well as "Meds", have been the crucial releases that decided on Placebo's musical future in the middle of the century's first decade. Those two records ensured the continuation of a successful indie rock journey that started in 1994 more or less coinsidentally and that isn't finished yet.
Definitaly stuff for collector and fans, but also for people that might missed the original releases.



Sleeping With Ghosts

Side A:

  1. Bulletproof Cupid
  2. English Summer Rain
  3. This Picture
  4. Sleeping With Ghosts
  5. The Bitter End
  6. Something Rotten

Side B:

  1. Plasticine
  2. Special Needs
  3. I'll Be Yours
  4. Second Sight
  5. Protect Me From What I Want
  6. Centrefolds


Side A:

  1. Meds
  2. Infra-Red
  3. Drag
  4. Space Monkey
  5. Follow The Cops Back Home
  6. Post Blue
  7. Because I Want You

Side B:

  1. Blind
  2. Pierrot The Clown
  3. Broken Promise
  4. One Of A Kind
  5. In The Cold Light Of Morning
  6. Song To Say Goodbyeds

Label: Universal Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: "Sleeping With Ghosts" February 19th, 2016

                            "Meds" April 8th, 2016

LP review PLACEBO "Sleeping With Ghosts" and "Meds" (vinyl re-issue)
LP review PLACEBO "Sleeping With Ghosts" and "Meds" (vinyl re-issue)