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CD review LEE AARON "Fire & Gasoline"

Veröffentlicht am 18. März 2016 von Markus W. in Lee Aaron, Rock, Hardrock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review, Blues, Metal Queen

(7/10) Lee Aaron reminds me of my early metal days back in the eighties. Already the artwork of records like "Metal Queen", "Call of the Wild" and "Bodyrock" has been quite impressive for a bunch of young guys, but it was more than that.

Actually Lee Aaron was my first live show I have ever seen. As it would have been yesterday, actually it was on 12.10.1989, the metal queen from Canada supported Nazareth on their tour through Europe and the whole gang stopped in Giengen, Germany for playing a show.

Anyhow, before I get too nostalgic, let's focus more on the here and now. Lee Aaron has been in the studio and she has a new album that's ready to roll. Actually I was surprised when I got the new longplayer because it came almost out of nowhere. But OK, these are the nice surprises knowing that the last release took place in 2004 and was a very much jazz based album.

"Fire and Gasoline" is the name of the disc that features eleven new Lee Aaron songs. The first track is entitled "Tomboy" and one thing is pretty clear already at this early stage, "Fire and Gasoline" has nothing to do with jazz anymore. On the other hand it's also not metal a la "Metal Queen" either. The new longplayer is a solid (hard-)rock album that sounds like a rougher version of Robin Beck.

The mentioned "Tomboy, a song that was originally written for Aaron's daughter, is a hardrocker with a lot of power, actually it's real empowerment for being yourself and being self-confident. In this context there is even a certain proximity to "Metal Queen".

A kind of new territory is "Wanna Be". The first notes mislead your thoughts. What sounds in the beginning like the jazzy roots from the predesessor end up in a bubbel gum punkrock song that has some well-done hooks.

"Bittersweet" instead is a rock songs that comes with a great melody while "50 miles" has a far more dark vibe. Lee Aaron's voice fits very well to this kind of tracks. I actually was reminded of the Contraband's "All the Way From Memphis" when it listened to "50 miles". Maybe it was the chorus that let this thought grow in my mind.

But the album contains also the more trivial "Nothing Says Everything", a song that sounds like a track from Heart that didn't have the quality to make it one of their albums.

And unfortunately it's also the title track that doesn't belong to the highlights of "Fire and Gasoline". The tunes feels more like running out of gasoline. So, no fire and a song that isn't really hot.

But besides these last remarks Lee Aaron's new album is far better than what I have it expected to be. It's great to have her voice back even though, sadly enough, the good old 'metal queen' days are over. Anyhow, good fuel for a good day.





  1. Tomboy
  2. Fire and Gasoline
  3. Wanna Be
  4. Bittersweet
  5. Popular
  6. 50 Miles
  7. Bad Boyfirned
  8. Heart Fix
  9. Nothing Says Everything
  10. If You Don't Love Me
  11. Find the Love


Label: Big Sister Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Day EU: March 25th, 2016

CD review LEE AARON "Fire & Gasoline"