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CD review KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Incarnate"

Veröffentlicht am 6. März 2016 von Markus W. in Killswitch Engage, Modern Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Groove Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) "Incarnate" is Killswitch Engage's seventh attack that fully represents the band's DNA. Mighty songs, aggressive riffs, raging shouts and melodic moments, all this comes together on "Incarnate".

The opener "Alone I Stand" is a good choise, but the first highlight is named "Hate By Design" and the name says it all. This number is a brutal piece of music that comes with real heavy riffing, shouts and melodic vocal lines. Theme-wise it describes the habit of tearing down when we should be building up.

"Cut My Loose" follows, a song that has a total different expression. Of course it comes with the typcial Killswitch Engage aggressiveness, but in the end it comes with a dark vibe that reminds in the melodic section of grunge.

What you know from the band is what you get with "Strength of my Mind" before "Just Let Go" takes over the scene. This tune is another smasher on "Incarnate", a number that is busting with energy, even though it starts acoustic.

Killswitch Engage goes doom? Almost. "Embrace the Journey ... Upraised" begins slow and with a Pantera-like riff. This setup changes after a bit more than a minute when the five-piece flips the switch. The track develops into an angry metal anthem with a strong grooving hardcore punch.

"Quiet Distress" starts again with some acoustic guitars before the song kicks into gear. Hooks and riffs go in perfect harmony and on top of that the lyrics are also more than worth to follow.

"Until the Day I Die" is held less complex and goes straight into your face before "It Falls on Me" brings the melancholic part of Killswitch Engage back to forefront.

In general I have to say that the order of songs is done very well, since the next song, "The Great Deceit", is again an sonic wrecking ball. We're getting closer to the end. "We Carry On" is probably the most commercial song on the album by not smarming over. "Ascension" is a real bouncer. It's not the best song on the album but it is another neckbreaker on "Incarnate" that rounds off an exciting journey.

All in all "Incarnate" is a raging album that is eclectic and entertaining. It contains well-crafted songs that will grow over time. Once they're burned into your mind it's hard to get rid of them. Strong stuff.





  1. Alone I Stand
  2. Hate By Design
  3. Cut Me Loose
  4. Strength of the Mind
  5. Just Let Go
  6. Embrace the Journey ... Upraised
  7. Quiet Distress
  8. Until the Day I Die
  9. It Falls on Me
  10. Th Great Deceit
  11. We Carry On
  12. Ascension


Label: Roadrunner Records

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Release Date EU: March 11th, 2016

CD review KILLSWITCH ENGAGE "Incarnate"