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Knifeworld comes from London, UK and is an octet, playing psychedelic rock music. The band announced their third full length record called "Bottle Out of Eden". Release date will be April 22nd and the album comes via InsideOut Music.

HERE you get a first impression of "Bottle Out of Eden"

Kavus Torabi had this to say:
“The beautiful artwork has been executed, once again by Steve Mitchell at 57 design. He's been responsible for all of our graphics since the beginning and, for me, his work really defines the look of Knifeworld.
The teaser is from the recording of the album in the studio Midi-Pyrenees with Bob Drake. It's an enormous converted barn in the South of France with the most extraordinary acoustic spaces to record in. Hundreds of albums have been made there since the 90's and it has a big connection with Henry Cow and many related projects, so it was such a pleasure to finally work there ourselves



1. High/Aflame
2. The Germ Inside
3. I Am Lost
4. The Deathless
5. Foul Temple
6. Vision Of The Bent Path
7. I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait
8. Lowered Into Necromancy
9. A Dream About A Dream
10. Secret Words
11. Feel The Sorcery

KNIFEWORLD reveals cover and tracklist of their new album
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