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Details on ACE FREHLEY's new album "Origins Vol.1"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Ace Frehley, Kiss, Hardrock, News, Rock, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Slash, Led Zeppelin, Lita Ford

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Ace Frehley will release a new album on April 15th which comes with 12 new recorded cover songs that are all favorites of the iconic guitarist.

Remarkable in this context is the long list of guest musicians of which Paul Stanley's contribution is the most outstanding one. This collaboration between the two guitar players is the first one since the 1998 Kiss record "Psycho Circus".

Next to Stanley's contribution also Slash, Lita Ford and John 5 supported Frehley on this longplayer that got the name "Origins Vol. 1".


Here is the entire tracklist of the album:

1. White Room (original by Cream) 5:04
2. Street Fighting Man (original by The Rolling Stones) 4:00
3. Spanish Castle Magic (original by Jimi Hendrix, feat. John 5) 3:34
4. Fire and Water (original by Free, feat. Paul Stanley) 4:11
5. Emerald (original by Thin Lizzy, feat. Slash), 4:28
6. Bring It On Home (original by Led Zeppelin) 4:25
7. Wild Thing (original by The Troggs, feat. Lita Ford) 3:44
8. Parasite (Kiss, feat. John 5) 4:04
9. Magic Carpet Ride (original by Steppenwolf) 3:43
10. Cold Gin (Kiss, feat. Mike McCreedy) 5:17
11. Till The End Of The Day (original by The Kinks) 2:26
12. Rock N Roll Hell (Kiss) 6:32



Details on ACE FREHLEY's new album "Origins Vol.1"