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(9/10) It's always a big moment when Canadian sci-fi trashers of Voivod come out with new songs. Three years after having published the last full length studio album "Target Earth" the quartet is back with a new EP called "Post Society". The disc contains five songs with a running time of half an hour and I can tell you that each minute of this EP is a treat for your ears. Next to brand new tracks the record also contains the 2 songs from the latest split CD's plus a Hakwind cover ("Silver Machine").

And of course, Voivod are more than just thrash. Their unique sound that is a mixture of thrash, punk, pro and you name it, makes them special and it's all these trademak that come back on the newest release.

"Post Society" is the first record with the band's new bassist Dominic "Rocky" Laroche and the first notes of the title track almost feels like a warm welcome and introduction. It's a bass intro that kicks off this EP followed by a quite strong bassline throughout the entire opener. The gloomy vibe that's created by the title track doesn't promise a joyful 'post society' future. The songs reminded me of the "Angel Rat" phase when Voivod entered new territory. This time it's less new and the song sounds great. I real title track.

"Forever Mountain" is next. The song, that is part of the split 7" with At The Gates, is kept in a moderate pace and has pretty cool guitar lines accompanied by Snake's moaning and accusing vocals. What stands out with this song is the middle part, when Voivod takes out a bit of heaviness by still keeping this oppressive atmosphere. Well done.

The next new song is called "Fall" and it starts slow and acoustic. Actually I was, based the the vocal lines, reminded of Henry Rollins during the first minute. But step by step the tune develops into a complex metal beast that might be hard to digest in the first run, but the song is gaining each time you listen to it and in the end it's a real winner.

The split 7" with Napalm Death contained "We Are Connected", the song that is next on the tracklist. It's again a more complex number, but compared to the earlier "Fall" the tune has an almost swinging vibe ('swinging' in a Voivod context, of course).

One of the most popular Voivod songs is actully a cover version. The Canadian four-piece covered Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine" years ago. This version can easily live up to the original by still being 100% Voivod. "Silver Machine" is now another cover of a legendary song. I'm not sure if the song was also meant to be a kind of tribute to Lemmy, but it fits perfect. Voivod doesn't move too far away from the original, but the guys add their own flavor to this classic. Voivod haven't been more rocking that with this tune.

Voivod released with "Post Society" an excellent EP that work perfect as being a bridge to the new studio album that is planned for end of 2016.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, listen to "Post Society".





  1. Post Society
  2. Forever Mountain
  3. Fall
  4. We Are Connected
  5. Silver Machine


Label: Century Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2016

CD review VOIVOD "Post Society"
CD review VOIVOD "Post Society"
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