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(7/10) Can you resist The Resistance? Some of you maybe can, but I think that at least fans of former releases of this Swedish band will also like this one. And the guys are quick. Not even a year after having released the "Torture Tactics" EP the new album "Coup De Grace" is on its way to the record shops.

The Swedish death metal horde recorded twelve new tracks for "Coup De Grace", introduced by "Death March", an intro that sounds with its weird samples a bit strange. Things hit more bulls eye with "I Welcome Death". The death metal machine starts its work and stops already 36 minutes later. This short running time is actually a downer of The Resistance's newest release.

The next track, "Smallest Creep" is another wrecking ball but I also have to say that the guys stay a bit too much in the same pattern. It's the highlights that I'm missing on this longplayer. 

Basically "Coupe De Grace" became a good death metal album the Swedish style. But it also misses some more tention and the thrilling moments. Looking on the experience of each band member, we are talking about a kind of all-star band, the expectations have been higher than the final result. Good but with a bit lost opportunities.





  1. Death March
  2. I Welcome Death
  3. Smallest Creep
  4. Violator
  5. Felony
  6. Death Blow
  7. Resolution
  8. World Order
  9. Enslavement
  10. Art of Murder
  11. For the Venom
  12. The Drowning
  13. As it All Came Down


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 22nd, 2016

CD review THE RESISTANCE "Coup De Grace"
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