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CD review THE NEW ROSES "Dead Man's Voice"

Veröffentlicht am 19. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in The New Roses, Hardrock, News, CD Review, Cinderella, Sleaze Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, Great White

(8/10) The first time I came across The New Roses was three years ago. The guys released their debut "Without a Trace" and it sounded quite good. At that time the band wasn't that much known but step by step the guys get more and more attention. A lot of touring, esp. in Germany, helped them to climb up on the ladder of success. Therefore it wasn't a surprise to me when I read that Napalm Records signed the four-piece from Wiesbaden.

The first result of this fruitful cooperation is called "Dead Man's Voice", a record that comes with 11 new tracks. Since I liked the debut I was very positive about the new album but what I heard blew me away. Actually it was on a rainy grey Wednesday morning, a day where you better stay in bed.

However, out of bed, into the car, The New Roses in the player ... there it was , the ultimate adrenaline shot. The New Roses developed their sound further. The old roots are still there but the whole thing sounds much more as one unit. The songs on the debut had a good approach, but "Dead Man's Voice" stands like a rock.

In case The New Roses are new to you, imagine Cinderella meets Great White meets the Black Crows. When I mention those bands I don't mean it like The New Roses are copycats. Not at all. It's more the vibe and the inspiration that the songs spread and last but not least it's also the smokey voice of singer Timmy, that has something in common with the younger Tom Keiffer.

The opening double "Heads or Tails" and "Thirsty" is already impressive and pure street rock. Unfortunately there is with "Partner in Crime" a track that can't live up to the strong beginning of "Dead Man's Voice". This short moment of disappointment is wiped away by the cool title track.

Another thing I need to mention is that the album doesn't contain a real ballad. Some of the tunes are kept a bit more silent and are more touching, but The New Roses always add a crunchy guitar which avoids cheesiness.

What adds to this positive perception of the album is the well done production which assures the right level of power.

If you heard the debut I can tell you that you'll not be disappointed by "Dead Man's Voice". In case you never heard of the band, give it a try. If you love hardrock with rough edges you will like what you'll hear.





  1. Heads or Tails
  2. Thirsty
  3. Partner in Crime
  4. Dead Man's Voice
  5. I Believe
  6. Ride With Me
  7. Hurt Me Once (Lobe Me Twice)
  8. Not From This World
  9. What if it Was You
  10. Try (And You Know Why)
  11. From Guns and Shovels


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2016


CD review THE NEW ROSES "Dead Man's Voice"