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CD review SINBREED "Master Creation"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Sinbreed, Blind Guardian, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News, CD Review, Speed Metal

(7/10) Almost two years after having published their latest longplayer "Shadows" German power metal command Sinbreed is ready for a new release. "Master Creation" is the name of the new album which is third one of the four-piece band (guitarist Marcus Siepen recently left the band).

"Creation of Reality" opens the gates to "Master Creation". The song is well chosen since it includes all trademarks of the German four-piece. Fast Teutonic power metal with a good sense for catchy melodies and hard riffs, that's what you get and the history of band members like Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) and also Langhans' contribution to Avantasia can be recognised more than once.

Also some more classic metal moments are included on "Master Creation" by having Maiden-like guitarlines and sing-a-long parts as being part of "Across the Great Divides".

"Moonlit Night" instead is kept in a more moderate pace with Langhans showing the entire potential of his vocal range, something that also goes for "At the Gate". The latter is a ballad that puts the soulful side of Sinbreed into the spotlight.

"Master Creator" is an solid power metal album with this very typical German vibe. All this is fine and dandy with one remark. Each of the tracks is well done and got a really good sound, but I'm missing these special moments and the 'wow' effects. The ten songs are solid and entertaining. It's all good but it feels a bit dusty too. Besides that Sinbreed fans can easily go for the new release.





  1. Creation of Reality
  2. Across the Great Divides
  3. Behind a Mask
  4. Moonlit Night
  5. Master Creator
  6. Last Survivor
  7. At the Gate
  8. The Riddle
  9. The Voice
  10. On the Run


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: February 26th, 2016

CD review SINBREED "Master Creation"