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(8/10) After having been very successful during the eighties, Australian actor, singer and songwriter Rick Springfield is back with good music. The last albums of the musicians from Guildford, New South Wales have been very promising and at least my expectations have been very high when it comes to his new release.

"Rocket Science" is the name of the longplayer that has to prove that Springfield can continue walking on this successful road made out of catchy (hard)rock tunes. On the other hand, it's his 18th record, so what needs to be proved.

Anyhow, let's listen to "Rocket Science". The first song that has been posted as video was "Light This Party up" which is the opener of the new disc. The start couldn't have been chosen much better, since this rockin' tune will light up every party. "Down" follows. Number two on the tracklist is tasty rock song that is catchy but not cheesy. Springfield finds the right mixture to keep his song true and authentic, something that's ref;ected already in the opening double.

One of the coolest tracks on "Rocket Science" got the title "Miss Mayhem". Starting slow and easy the tune fits somewhere between blues and country. It's a number that sticks out from the rest which makes it really special. However, it still fits into the context of this longplayer and is 100% Rick Springfield.

"Rocket Science" comes also with some slower songs of which "Found" is the best one. It's a well done ballad that, again, isn't any mainstream stuff. 

Towards the end you will find another tune that differs slightly from the rest. "All Hands on Deck" has a cool Irish bar flavour which does the job very well.

"Rocket Science" is the right album for Springfield fans and everybody that was disappointed by Bon Jovi's latest releases. Excellent hardrock with a positive vibe - that's Springfield's newest album. A great teaser for the summertime.





  1. Light This Party Up
  2. Down
  3. That One
  4. The Best Damn Thing
  5. Miss Mayhem
  6. Pat It Forward
  7. Found
  8. Crowded Solitude
  9. Let Me In
  10. All Hands on Deck
  11. We Connect
  12. (I Wish I Had a) Concrete Heart
  13. Earth to Angel


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: February 19th, 2016

CD review RICK SPRINGFIELD "Rocket Science"
Tag(s) : #Rick Springfield, #Rock, #Hardrock, #News, #CD Review, #Melodic Metal, #Melodic Rock, #AOR

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