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CD review DESOLATED "The End"

Veröffentlicht am 17. Februar 2016 von Markus W. in Desolated, Hardcore, Punkrock, Punk, News, CD Review

(8/10) Good hardcore doesn't necessarily only need to be imported from the US of A. Also the UK scene has some bands that you should have heard, in case you're interested in this type of music.

One of those bands are Desolated from Southampton. The dudes released their third album "The End" a few days ago via BDHW and it's filled with grooving hardcore songs, based on mighty riffs and excellent shouts.

Desolated don't take any prisoners, something that gets clearly stated with the opener "The Beginning". Downtuned guitars and a booming bass are the foundation of this grooving number that is for sure 'the beginning'.

The following "Numb" can easily keep the level of the opener by being a bit slower than "The Beginning". This tune is made for live shows - let's jump. These five guys keep their song short and to the point. Non of the tracks is longer than three minutes, with "Withdrawal", as the shortes track, being a raging thirty second long punch into your face.

A counterpart to this 'quickie' is "Out of Luck" which is a slo-mo instrumental that is well placed since it kind of breaks the pattern and adds a new side of Desolated to "The End".

The title "The End" hopefully isn't chosen to be nomen et omen. Hopefully the album doesn't mark the end, since there is too much potential in this band.

Jump, Jump.





  1. The Beginning
  2. Numb
  3. Therapy
  4. Invasion
  5. Psychosis
  6. Olanzapine
  7. Withdrawal
  8. The End
  9. Relapse
  10. Out of Luck


Label: BDHW Records

Genre: Hardcore

Release Date EU: February 5th, 2016

CD review DESOLATED "The End"