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Interview with Tarin and Nick from SANGUINE

Veröffentlicht am 28. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Sanguine, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Rock, Heavy Metal, Nu Metal, Interview, News

UK-based alternative metal gang Sanguine releases their newest longplayer "Black Sheep" in January and Markus Heavy Music Blog took the chance to let bandleader Tarin and guitarist Nick explain a few interesting details.


Markus Heavy Music Blog: "Black Sheep", your new album, is ready to be released. Tell us a bit more about what the fans can expect on the new record.

Tarin: Something different! – We have always felt a bit like the Black Sheep of the record industry so we decided to make a record that reflected that. Each song is like it’s own world yet at the same time the songs go together as one body of work. There’s some out right brutal songs on the record mixed with much softer melodic tunes. We wanted to make a stand out record and think we have.


MHMB: The songs on the new album are hard grooving metal track like "Empty", songs build on a mighty riff. And there are tracks like "Breathe Out" which is a ballad. How would you describe the typical trademarks os Sanguine's sound?

Nick: I think our trademark sound is without doubt Tarin’s voice. She has a really recognisable voice and tone whether she is screaming her tits off or singing like an angel. You know it’s her instantly. I think it is this voice that lets us get away with experimenting with different genre’s etc – Tarin strings it all together. Also there is a general heaviness in even our softest songs – more a tone than anything. The song is more important than the genre to us. We have illustrated this by doing a piano and vocal only version of one of the heaviest song’s on the record. I suppose we wanted to say this is a song not a genre.


MHMB: 'Sanguine' means 'optimistic' and 'hopeful'. Is this how you are as band and individuals or where does the name come from? Or is it connected to the meaning of 'red'?

Tarin: It’s a bit of both and that’s exactly why we chose it. As individuals we are stone cold realists, very science/fact based, but we also have a dark humour that runs through us all. This comes out in the art and music. I would say we remain optimistic whilst being acutely aware that life can be hell on earth!


MHMB: The new longplayer follows the debut from 2012. How would you guys describe the development of your sound during those years?

Tarin: Quite a jump in some ways – You can hear we are definitely the same band but Black Sheep sounds less chaotic than the first record. Our first releases were demo’s so were not recorded as an album. Black Sheep was the first time we sat down and actually said ‘let’s make a record’.


Photo: Promotion

Photo: Promotion

MHMB: It took 4 years till you guys release "Black Sheep". What is the reasons that it took so much time? 

Nick: For us the time has flown because we have been so busy behind the scenes. We are 100% DIY and do everything ourselves from the music, to video’s and all the art work. After our first release we got offered a lot of record deals/publishing deals etc but they all wanted to be involved with us creatively and we thought it would mess up what we had. We also wanted Black Sheep to have a decent platform and chance of being heard. This means we had to build an international network of independent agents, managers, promoters etc who would work with us. Co-ordinating that is a massive task when you’re a small rock band – It paid off though and as a result we ended up travelling all over the world cutting deals with different people. We decided to go our own way and it paid off for us big time. We now have a small army of people behind us. This record has taken us to Sweden, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Berlin and Ibiza so far! We shot video’s in over half of those countries.


MHMB: When I listen to your new album I was reminded to Lacuna Coil. Can tell us a bit more about bands that influenced you as a band the most?

Tarin: We have lots of influences but funnily enough nearly all of mine are male. Mike Patton, Freddie Mercury are my two number one’s. I respect what Evanescence have done but wouldn’t say we sound like them, I like Christine Scabia’s vocal but my favourite female artist is probably Skin from Skunk Anansie.

Nick: I don’t listen to a great deal of female fronted music because there isn’t a great deal out there!! As Tarin said Skunk Anansie are high on the list – In This Moment are worth a mention to, I like what they are doing – I think Sanguine is actually trying to fill that exact gap! There just isn’t the variety yet in female fronted metal and we aim to change that.


MHMB: How about live shows supporting the new album? Are there any plans already?

Nick: Hell yes! We threw a Christmas party to say thanks to our fans and it was a blast. There’s footage on our youtube channel from that night – We plan to tour like crazy and are currently in talks in UK, Europe and Japan – Announcements will be coming thick and fast on the site very soon.


MHMB: I guess that "Black Sheep" will be released on CD and as download. Will there be also a vinyl version available? 

Tarin: There are various formats coming out, even a special Japanese edition! Vinyl hasn’t been discussed yet but I for one would love to see it printed so I better get on the phone to someone I guess?!


MHMB: Is there something more you want to share with the fans out there?

Tarin: Yes! – We are truly grateful for all the support we have had from fans over the last few years. THANK YOU for coming to our shows, buying our stuff and spreading the word….We love you all….2016 is going to be a big one….we’ll see you in the pit x

Photo: Promotion

Photo: Promotion