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CD review SHAKRA "High Noon"

Veröffentlicht am 22. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Shakra, Hardrock, Rock, News, CD Review, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal

(8/10) I continuosly followed Shakra since I think that their melodic hardrock sounds and sounded pretty good. Yes, they never made it to the absolute top. Yes, they have the mighty Gotthard in front of them. But also 'yes', the guys released cool records that contain a few hardrock real diamonds.

In 2014, when singer John Prakesh left the band, I thought that this might be the end of the band. But time taught that things are different. Shakra is still around - maybe stronger than ever.

What made the Swiss hardrock group stronger is an extra surprise, announced a while ago; ex-frontman Mark Fox is back.

This was really something unexpected since Shakra and Fox haven't had a good way of splitting up. However, time heals old wounds and it serms that the guys can also handle the scars.

All this led to a new Shakra album called "High Noon".

The opening triple shows that Shakra is back. "Hello" is a riff based guitar rocker with cool hooks, The heavy stamper "High Noon" is next before the straight-forward "Into Your Heart" mskes your head banging.

"Life's What You Need" is the obligatory ballad before "The Storm" is far more than just a hardrock breeze.

"High Noon" is one of the surprises in the new year. Fans if the band can for sure go for this release that is worth having heard.





  1. Hello
  2. High Noon
  3. Into your heart
  4. Around the world
  5. Eye to eye
  6. Is it Real
  7. Life's what you need
  8. The Storm
  9. Raise Your Hands
  10. Stay Tall
  11. Watch me Burn
  12. Wild and Hungry


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: January 29, 2016

CD review SHAKRA "High Noon"