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(7/10) What do you expect when Craig Goldy, Chas West, Sean McNabb and Vinny Appice team up to start a new project? At least my first thought was a Dio and Dokken hybrid. In case you had the same idea, not too far away from reality I must say.

The four guys founded Resurrection Kings. Actually it was again Serafino Perugino, the president of Frontiers Music, that came up with the idea of such an all-star band. Perugino contacted Goldy and presented the thought. That was the beginning of Resurrection Kings, the band that releases end of January the self-titled debut.

The songwriting was partly done by Craig Goldy while some of the tunes on this debut have been written by Alessandro Del Vecchio, the well known keyboarder and producer.

I think you can hear this approach on the album. Some of the songs are very close to Dio's sound while some others have more a melodic and almost AOR expression, like "Never Say Goodbye".

In the end all numbers together sound homogeneous but I personally like the Dio references more. The opener "Distant Prayer " is such a song, or "Path of Love" which also comes with a bluesy Whitesnake vibe.

"Resurrection Kings" is a good debut with some well done songs. But it feels also a bit torn apart due to the mention songwriting process; something that gives the longplayer a real project expression. It would be great if Resurrection Kings would either take the one or the other road. The more Dio-like one would be my preference.





  1. Distant Prayer
  2. Livin' Out Loud
  3. Wash Away
  4. Who Do You Run To
  5. Fallin' For You
  6. Never Sat Goodbye
  7. Path of Love
  8. Had Enough
  9. Don't Have the Fight No More
  10. Silent Wonder
  11. What You Take


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: January 29th, 2016

CD review RESURRECTION KINGS "Resurrection Kings"
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