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CD review PRONG "X - No Absolutes"

Veröffentlicht am 25. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Prong, Groove Metal, Thrash Metal, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review

(9/10) You want it, you get it. This is basically what the new Prong album stands for. "X - No Absolutes" is the next strike of the New York-based groove metal masters and fully lives up to expectations. If you liked Prong in the past you will also highly appreciate the new longplayer.

"X - No Absolutes" is another climax for Prong after having release excellent longplayers like "Carved In Stone" and "Ruining Lives". It seems that the break fully re-energized the band and the new record can easily handle comparisons with earlier masterpieces such as "Beg To Differ" and "Prove You Wrong".

Another key factor for such a success is a consistancy in the line-up. Since 2012 the trio Victor, Christopher and Cruz represents Prong and after all the years those three guys stand together as a rock.

Like nobody else, Prong combines metal, thrash, hardcore and industrial to a melange that is quite unique. Tommy Victor created a musical identity which is so special that Prong songs can be immeditaely identified as such.

Already the first notes are 100% Prong. Victor's guitar sound brings your body instantly into motion. You want to move and bang your head while listening to "Ultimate Authority". This tune could have been on "Beg To Differ" too, no doubt. Time to breath afterwards? No. The fast "Sense of Ease" hits you like a wrecking ball and the mighty "Without Words" isn't less intense either.

In case you need some time to recover, you need to wait till you get to "Do Nothing". This number has some relaxed moments in the verse, before a melodic chorus brings back the power. "Do Nothing" is an interaction between loud and silent and presents a new Prong expression. Still, a very cool track.

The journey continues with the hard-hitting "Belief System" that is coming with a typical Prong riff.

In the end there is not even one filler on this album. After a bit of a bad patch in the beginning of this century Prong are back since a few years and they are stronger than ever.

"X - No Absolutes" is the best out of the last three Prong records. "Carved in Stone" and "Ruining Lives" have been good discs, but the new longplayer convinces with a constant high level quality that makes Prong to a really thrilling metal act.

You want it, you buy it, you listen to it. Pure Prong.





  1. Ultimate Authority
  2. Sense of Ease
  3. Without Words
  4. Cut And Dry
  5. No Absolutes
  6. Do Nothing
  7. Belief System
  8. Soul Sickness
  9. In Spite of Hinderances
  10. Ice Runs Through My Veins
  11. Worth Pursuing
  12. With Dignity
  13. Universal Law (Bonus)


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Groove Metal

Release Date EU: February 5th, 2016

CD review PRONG "X - No Absolutes"