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(8/10) Relapse Records continues with their cycle of re-releases of 80's thrash-death highlights that are more hidden treasures than they have been big successes.

This time it's New Orleans, Lousiana - based Opprobrium that gets some new attention. The band, that was sailing under the flag of Incubus till 1999, was formed in 1986 by Moyses M. Howard (d) and Francis M. Howard (g/v), both brothers. The two guys completed their line-up by adding Scot Latour who also took over the vocal duties.

This trio recorded a demo called "Supernatural Death" followed by the debut "Serpent Temptation", the album that gets now a re-release by Relapse.  I don't know why I missed the album in the end of the eighties but it's good to hold this reissue in hands. 

It's this mix of thrash metal and hardcore, spiced-up with with some raw death metal that was s much state of the art at that time. If I should compare their sound with some other bands I would name Dark Angel, Possesed and the early Kreator. 

The riffs on the album are well done and really tight. The spectra of songs is wide and ranges from slower parts with mighty sixstring attacks to hyper fast section like in "Blasphemic Prophets". But also blast beats like in the title track can be found back on this debut.

All this makes the album to an undervalued milestone of the past that finally gets some new attention. Hopefully this time "Serpent Temptation" will get the recognition it deserves. 





  1. The Battle of Armageddon
  2. Voices From the Grave
  3. Sadistic Sinner
  4. Incubus (Opprobrium)
  5. Blasphemic Prophets
  6. Hunger For Power
  7. Serpent Temtation
  8. Undergroud Killers
  9. Serpent Temtation (Demo Version)
  10. Sadistic Sinner (Demo Version)
  11. Voices From the Grave (Demo Version)
  12. Incubus (Opprobrium) (Demo Version)


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 15th,2016


CD review OPPROBRIUM "Serpent Temptation" (reissue)
Tag(s) : #Opprobrium, #Incubus, #Death Metal, #Thrash Metal, #CD Review, #Heavy Metal, #News

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