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CD review INLEGEND "Goliath's End"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Inlegend, Alternative Rock, Rock, News, CD Review

(7/10) Inlegend had a cool Christmas-/New Year present which you might missed. The guys had a few songs from the "Stones Of Goliath" session which they wanted to share with the fans. The result is an EP that's called "Goliath's End". It contains six tunes that the band made available for free download. An official CD release will follow in February. A nice idea and a nice gift for the fans.

The piano is again the center for Inlegends music. Like on the last album there aren't any guitars on this EP which makes it acutally to a very nice one, considering the more silent holiday period.

I also have to say that the tunes are a bit more relaxed than what ended up on "Stones of Goliath". "Reason", as one example, is a pure ballad and also "Wide Awake" is a tasty quiet tune without any hard elements.

A counterpart to those numbers is the rocking "No More Weddings" and the opener - tunes that are showing the powerful side of a pianobased sound.

Inlegend's new EP is far away from metal, but the guys write good songs that are catchy without being cheesy. Music for fans of Meat Loaf and Coldplay.





  1. Waifs'n'Strays
  2. Reason
  3. Arabesque
  4. Maybe
  5. Wide Awake
  6. No More Weddings


Label: Eat The Beat

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: February 19th, 2016

CD review INLEGEND "Goliath's End"