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CD review HIGH HOPES "Sights And Sounds"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in High Hopes, Melodic Metalcore, Metalcore, Heavy Metal, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) Actually metalcore isn't my most favorite metal style, but High Hopes grabbed my attention. The band, founded in 2012, releases with "Sights And Sounds" their new longplayer that contains nine songs plus an intro.

"Pale Blue Dot" is the name of the spoken words start before with "The Callout" the first heavy moment kicks in. I would say, the song is more hardcore than metalcore, but who cares about details. It's anyhow a good start into the album. The next numbers are faster or more grooving metal tracks before the band gives you a moment to recover.

As a kind of halftime break High Hopes placed an acoustic intermezzo called "Nostalgic Thoughts" in the middle of the album. After one and a half minutes of a mire silent time "Manipulator" begins with a melodic riff. This continues and the guitarlines build a kind of contrast to the harsh shouts of Nick Brooks. The glue that keeps those parts together is a strong bassline and hard hitting drums.

The title track marks the end of this interesting record. Melodic guitars spreads some harmony before a wall of sound adds power to the tune. In the end it's an interction of rough and silent that  caracterizes "Sights & Sounds" which is one of the best tracks on the longplayer.

High Hopes have the benefit of the youth. They guys from Reading are wild and unbound and so is the album.





  1. Pale Blue Dot
  2. The Callout
  3. Revelation
  4. Vanguard
  5. MLK
  6. Nostalgic Thoughts
  7. Manipulator
  8. Defender
  9. The Greater Plan
  10. Sights & Sounds


Label: Victory Records

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Release Date EU: February 5th, 2016

CD review HIGH HOPES "Sights And Sounds"