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CD review FINAL SIGN "Hold High the Flame"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Januar 2016 von Markus W. in Final Sign, Liege Lord, Metal Church, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, US Metal, Omen

(7/10) Liege Lord, Omen and Metal Church are bands you like a lot? Than you have to listen to those guys. Final Sign are from North Carolina, USA and they are into pure US power metal.

The musical cooperation of singer Shawn Pelata and guitarist Brian Williams started already in 1999. Pelata should become singer in Williams project K-Octave which even led to a release. "Outer Limits" was published in 2001 and I don't know if the band is still exisiting. At least there was no further album from the guys.

Not that much of an issue since Final Sign started in 2013. Williams and Pelata have been joined by Howard Baker (b) and Kevin Haverlah (d) and the four guys worked together on the band's debut called "Hold High the Flame."

The record features eight US metal tracks that feel like a time warp back into the eighties. Roaring riffs and pounding drums is what you get, combined with a strong pumping bass. On top there are the massive vocals by Pelata. This guy is a real metal siren.

"Daring The Sun" is the fast opening track with a massive chorus and some NWoBHM inspiration. The almost six minutes long stomper "Burn the Temple Down" is next followed by the raging title track. "Hold High the Flame" shows the entire vocal range of Pelata and maybe it's due to the name of the track that I was reminded to the early Queensryche.

"Possessor" is a real headbanger right off the bat while "The Sinister Silence" has a strong melody and a lot of power metal. This composition leads you to "Scaling Lies". The mid-pace song has some acoustic sections combined with heavy guitars. Good stuff.

The end is near, at least when it comes to "Hold High the Flame". "Madness Eternal" is a six minutes long tune that is very much influenced by Iron Maiden, esp. when it comes to the vocals.

"The Ominous Black" is the finale furioso of the longplayer that brings back some undusted oldschool metal. 

"Hold High the Flame" is full of thunderous riffs and great vocallines. The sound might not be the most excellent one (bass and drums sound a bit too undifferentiated) but it's is still good enough to enjoy the songs. In one or another way it gives the album an authentic touch. I like the record and power metal fans should have heard it.





  1. Daring the Sun
  2. Burn the Temple Down
  3. Hold High the Flame
  4. Possessor
  5. The Sinister Silence
  6. Scaling Lies
  7. Madness Eternal
  8. The Ominous Black


Label: Divebomb Records

Genre: US Metal

Release Date: October 30st, 2015

CD review FINAL SIGN "Hold High the Flame"