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(7/10) Elvenking never really got my full attention. I wasn't thrilled by their mix of folk, pagan and metal. But I also have to say that the band from Italy has a solid fanbase and a lot of willpower. Even though they never got into the full spotlight they released so far already eight studio records.

The six-piece band has now decided to release for the first a live album - after all these years. It should become "The Night of the Nights", a show recorded in Pordanone, Italy earlier this year. This live album covers the full set Elvenking played which includes 25 songs from all eras of the pagan metal gang.

The first half of the set was, in general, reserved for the newer songs. The older classics from e.g. the debut "Heathereel" have been part of the second half of the show. "Seasonspeech" has been performed the first time and with "Skywards", "Disillusion's Reel" and "From Blood to Stone" have been performed in an accoustic version which works pretty well for this triple. "Pagan Purity", the hymn taken from the debut, has been chosen to be the last song of this special night, with former member Jarpen and Gorlan joining the band.

An important question with live records is the quality of sound. When it comes to this release there isn't any reason for complaints. The albums comes across as being real and authentic. The sound is powerful with the fans being in evidence too.

This live album gives a pretty good overview of Elvenking's creative output and there are some songs, like "The Wanderer" and "Pagan Revolution", that I can't get out of my mind anymore.





  1. The Manifesto
  2. Trows Kind
  3. The Wanderer
  4. Runereader
  5. Pagan Revolution
  6. She Lives at Dawn
  7. Kigsaw Puzzle
  8. Elevenlegions
  9. The Cabal
  10. A Prayer to Cernunnos
  11. Moonbeam Stone Circle
  12. Symohn's Bash
  13. From Blood to Stone
  14. Skywards
  15. Disillusion's Real
  16. Eleven Aftermath
  17. Seasonspeech
  18. Through Wolf's Eyes
  19. The Divided Heart
  20. Neverending Nights
  21. The Winter Wake
  22. Era Theme
  23. The Loser
  24. To Oak Woods Bestowed
  25. Pagan Purity


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Pagan Metal

Release Date EU: December 4th, 2015



CD review ELVENKING "The Night of the Nights (Live)"
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