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DELAIN unveils details of the upcoming EP

Veröffentlicht am 13. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Delain, News, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal

After having had successful tours with bands like Sabaton and Nightwish Dutch Delain will release a new EP end of February. The symphonic rockers worked on "Lunar Prelude" which features eight tracks - two new ones, a brand new version of "Don't Let Go" and four live songs. Last but not least the disc will also include an orchestral version of "Suckerpunch".


Delain states:
“Dear Delainers, our latest album The Human Contradiction has taken us on a great ride, performing hundreds of stages around the globe for all of you. We barely managed to catch our breaths from our most recent tours, yet we've already got some new music that we simply can't wait to share. In preparation of our next full length studio album, we'd like to present to you "Lunar Prelude", a collection of several brand new tracks, a new version of a familiar one, and live versions of some our favorite The Human Contradiction tracks. Today, we reveal the songs and face on "Lunar Prelude". Check out the track listing below and Glenn Arthur's cover art! We hope you enjoy this new release, Delainers. Thank you for inspiring us and sharing amazing moments with us. See you at the next gig!“



  1. Suckerpunch
  2. Turn the Lights Out
  3. Don't Let Go
  4. Lullaby (Live 2015)
  5. Stardust (Live 2015)
  6. Here Come the Vultures (Live 2015)
  7. Army of Dolls (Live 2015)
  8. Suckerpunch Orchestra
DELAIN unveils details of the upcoming EP