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(7/10) Skövde rocks. That's at least what The Gloria Story wants to make us think. And actually the five guys manage pretty well.

It's another Swedish band that takes a lot of inspiration out of the 70's. The five-piece mentioned Kiss as one of their most favorite bands and this is to find back on the latest album "Greetings From Electric Wasteland". You only have to listen to the opener "Beast of a Northern Light" and you know what I'm talking about. And the next two tracks follow exactly the same pattern.

"White Man Blues" is a bit different compared to the triple in the beginning. The tune has a more edgy punkrock touch which is combined with a grooving hardrock vibe. Or do you want a more sleaze rock number. No problem - listen to "Down to the Liqour Store".

"Crusty Pie" comes with some Thin Lizzy while last but not least there is the 'titletrack' that is build on a Led Zeppelin-like riff. You can see that there are a ot of bands and sounds that made an impression on the five guys. 

"Greetings from Electric Wasteland" is an album that delivers solid oldschool hardrock with a strong nostalgic vibe. However, I doubt that the band can gain ground in this classic rock wave that's rolling over Europe right now. There are bands like Imperial State Electric that do the same thing, just a bit better.

For the rest, a good album with music that can work in a small live set-up very well.





  1. Beast of a Northern Light
  2. Band Bang (Pull the Trigger)
  3. Look Left, Walk Right
  4. White Man Blues
  5. Cardinal Sin
  6. Roadtrip
  7. Electric Wasteland
  8. Crusty Pie
  9. Down to the Liquor Store
  10. Hold Me Tonight
  11. I Would Doe (If You Want)
  12. Thunderchild


Label: Sound Pollution

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: November 27th, 2015

CD review THE GLORIA STORY "Greeting From Electric Wasteland"
Tag(s) : #The Gloria Story, #Hardrock, #Classic Rock, #News, #Rock, #CD Review

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