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CD review SPOCK'S BEARD "The First Twenty Years"

Veröffentlicht am 8. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Spock's Beard, Prog Rock, Neal Morse, Rock, HardNew, CD Review

(8/10) If you only heard about Spock's Beard but never heard stuff of Spock's Beard, than I can recommend you this album; assuming that you like prog rock.

The story of the band began in 1992 in Los Angeles, California when the Morse brothers, Neal and Alan, founded the band that became to one of the most important ones in prog rock.

This release focusses on the first twenty years of this impressive group. The chosen songs mark the highlights that have seen the light of day during all those years.

The flow is a very chronological one. The album starts with the brilliant "The Light", the title track of the 1995 debut, and the trip through progressive rock end with "Tides for Forever" which was published on the latest masterpiece "The Oblivion Particle". And it's a given that all the tracks went through a remastering, done by Rich Mouser.

And if this wouldn't be enough the highlight is placed at the end of this double decker. "Falling For Forever" is a brand new track that was written by Neal Morse, who actually left the band in 2002 to start a not less successful solo career.

Anyhow, he wrote the closer of this "Best of..." which is almost twenty minutes long musical diamond. Next to the greatness of this tune it is also the fact that all three Spock's Beard singers contributed during the recording, which makes it to a special one. Neal Morsedid the verse while Ted Leonard took the duty for the chorus. Last but not least it was Nick D'Virgilio that signed responsible for the whole middle part. Those twenty minutes are a pretty unique moment in the discography of the proggers and it's defintely a 'must' for each fan of the band.

Around X-mas time "Best of..." releases are very popular and normally they are also redundant. But his reflection on twenty years of prog rock are well done and worth to go for. And in case you're still doubting; CD 3 contains some rare recordings of the bands show at the Progfest in 1997 plus an few more tasty tidbits.





CD 1:

  1. The Light
  2. Thoughts
  3. The Doorway
  4. June
  5. Day For Night
  6. At The End of the Day
  7. Solitary Soul
  8. Wing at my Back

CD 2:

  1. The Bottom Line
  2. She is Everything
  3. On a Perfect Day
  4. Jaws of Heaven
  5. Waiting For Me
  6. Tides Of Time
  7. Falling For Forever


Label: Inside Out Music

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: November 20st, 2015


CD review SPOCK'S BEARD "The First Twenty Years"