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CD review HONEYMOON DISEASE "The Transcendence"

Veröffentlicht am 12. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Honeymoon Disease, CD Review, News, Classic Rock, Hardrock, Rock, Retro

(8/10) Jenna, Acid, Nick and Jimi - they are Honeymoon Disease and they have released a few days ago their debut. "The Trascendence" is full of pretty good classic rock songs - eleven in total. 

Honeymoon Disease fits perfect in the current classic rock boom that slops over from Sweden since acouple of years. The four-base calls, like many other bands, Gothenburg their hometown and from there they started to bring their hardrock into the world.

The first single was released in 2014 and was called "Fast Love". The fast track has a cool groove and is a driving hardrocker. This song brought the band some first attention.

This first small little 'hit' was followed by the next publication. "Bellevue Groove" corroorated they good first impression, but Honeymoon Disease had to prove that they are more than just a one/two hit wonder. The remaining question was, if they could keep the level also throughout an entire album.

"The Transcendence" shows that this is the case. Deeply rooted in the sound of the 70's, bands like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelinin delivered the blueprint for what this four-piece serves on their debut. But also the earlier Kiss have been heard by the four musicians; at least you can get this impression while listening to "Rock'n'Roll Shock".

The album is full of pounding drums and a thumping bass that creates the base for downtuned guitar to swing. The pepperoni on this musical pizza are the vocals done by Jenna. She finds the right mix of rough and edgy. Alls this together leads to a warm and organic sound that doesn't miss any hardness. 

"The Transcendence" is a good classic rock album that stands out from other releases since it has more of an own identity. Well done.





  1. Higher
  2. Strgazer
  3. Imperial Mind
  4. Gotta Move
  5. You're too late
  6. Break Up
  7. Bellevue Groove
  8. Fast Love
  9. Rock'n'Roll Shock
  10. Brand New Ending
  11. Keep Me Spinning


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: November 20st, 2015

CD review HONEYMOON DISEASE "The Transcendence"