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CD review GOLDEN EARRING "The Hague"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Golden Earring, News, CD Review, Hardrock, Rock

(8/10) Support the local bands - that was my thought when I bought this new mini album from one of the most famous Dutch bands. Golden Earring is known by each of you since the guys had with "Radar Love" a huge hit. And even though the guys never could get close again to this timeless classic they went on with making music, something that led to an enormous discography.

The newest release is an EP called "The Hague", which is an homage to their home town Den Haag. This mini album, that is also a moment of celebrating the band's 50th anniversary, features 5 new songs from the Dutch four-piece. You could almost say , one song for each decade.

The opener of this release is called "Je Regrette" which is a straight-forward rocker with a cool groove. I honestly had to get used to the chorus, but the tune develops with each time listening to it.

"That's Why I Believe in Her" takes over. The guys sound pretty fresh and modern in this album, something that is also confirmed by the second song; for me the best one out of the five recorded ones.

The very rhythm-based "My Lips Are Sealed" closes the side A of this EP. The main factor with this tune is the bass that gets a lot of attention and keeps on pushing all the way through. It's a pretty cool rock song. Point.

Since I have the vinyl version it's time to turn the page. "Did I Make You Up" is the first out of two songs on the B-side of the EP. It's a moderate pace rocker with a well-placed saxophone part. The ending of this mini album is a half acoustic  one. "Come on Home" is, in the beginning, build on an acoustic guitar. Along the way the number turns into a more rocking one without letting loose the general pattern.  

"The Hague" is another proof that rock isn't a matter of ages. These highly experienced gentlemen still know how to rock and roll.





  1. Je Regrette
  2. That's Why I Believe In Her
  3. My Lips Are Sealed
  4. Did I Make You Up
  5. Come on Home


Label: Music On Vinyl / Universal Music

Genre: Rock

Release Date NL: December 4th, 2015

CD review GOLDEN EARRING "The Hague"