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CD review FALLEN ARISE "Adeline"

Veröffentlicht am 9. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Fallen Arise, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, News, CD Review, Nightwish

(7/10) ROAR is publishing right now some quite interesting bands from Greece. Fallen Arise is one of them. The band comes from Athens and they have been founded back in 2009. The guys have been the opening act for e.g. Xandria some years ago before they released their first EP called "Eternal". The debut was published a few years later. It was in 2013 when "Ethereal" have seen daylight.

2015 is the year the bands second album. "Adeline" is it's name and Fallen Arise has recorded 11 new songs, framed by a Prologue about Adeline and an Epilogue at the end. What gives this storytelling an extra touch is the two singers. Spyla and Chris are doing more than 'just' the good old female vocals growl thing. The two voices harmonise pretty well and are perfectly made for breathing in life into the story.

The music of the five piece can be best described as symphonic metal with a bit of a progressive touch. In case you need a reference I would give you Nightwish, even though the guys from Athens doesn't reach the level of the Finnish masters of bombast.

However, not everbody can play Champions League which doesn't mean you get bad stuff to hear. Fallen Arise comes with quite some ideas which they include in their songs. From hard riff rockers up to classic swctions the band includes a wide spectra of sounds in their music. The result is a solid symphonic metal album that has some really nice ideas.

"Adeline" might miss the final knock-out punch, will say 'hit', but fans from Nighwish and Shadow Gallery should be at least aware of this record.





  1. Prologue in D Minor
  2. The Curse of Adeline
  3. We're becoming Gods
  4. Divine Bride
  5. Silent Weeping
  6. The Heart of the Damned
  7. My Last Breath
  8. White Crystal Angel
  9. Funeral
  10. Music Box
  11. As Far the Memory remains
  12. Oceans of Time
  13. Epilogue


Label: ROAR

Genre: Symphonic Metal

Release Date EU: October 23rd, 2015

CD review FALLEN ARISE "Adeline"