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CD review BRAINSTORM "Scary Creatures"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Dezember 2015 von Markus W. in Brainstorm, Power Metal, News, CD Review, US Metal, Heavy Metal, Primal Fear

(8/10) New releases of Primal Fear, Axel Rudi Pell and Brainstorm in January. Wow. What a metallic start into the new year.

Swabian power metal institution Brainstorm has worked on their next milestone called "Scary Creatures" that will see the light of day mid January. Torsten Ihlenfeld and his power metal gang created an album that picks up the thread where the band stopped one and a half years ago with "Firesoul".

The first single" The World to See" kicks off the album. After a short cineastic intro it's the pounding rhythm and the heavy riffs that puts a spell on you. "How Much Can You Take" is also presenting all the Brainstorm trademarks before the speed is reduced with "We Are". A strong bassline is the foundation for this metal cracker that is traditional German metal at it's best. The cherry on this metal cake is the kids choir towards the end, something I haven't heard on a Brainstorm album before. The song might need a few runs but then it unveils its full beauty.

"Where the Angels Dream" doesn't seem to be a very peaceful place. The tune is one of the faster ones on the album and raging guitars accompany you from beginning to end. The number is a highlight on the record that shows Franck as well as the guitar duo Ihlenfeld/Loncaric at its best.

Time for the bombastic title track. A creepy vibe takes over from the first note and the additional classic samples give the tune another dimension. "Scary Creatures" is a worthy title track for the album and a theatric metal piece per excellence.

After such a midpace track something fast is needed; and "Twisted Ways" delivers, followed by a melodic stomper called "Caressed by the Blackness".

"Scars in Your Eyes" don't becloud the positive impression of this album. The song is a typcial Brainstorm anthem and the same goes for "Take Me to the Never", a track that works right off the bat.

The final musical piece is "Sky Among the Clouds" which is the most melodic one on the album. The tune is kept in a medium speed and it is charged with a catchy melodyline. The closer might be different from the rest of "Scary Creatures" but the rigid drive makes it to another cool number that fits on this longplayer.

"Scary Creatures" became the next highlight in the band's long history. The band will promote the album by a release show in Giengen, Germany on January 16th, before going on tour with Primal Fear and Striker in February 2016. Don't miss it.





  1. The World to See
  2. How Much Can You Take
  3. We Are
  4. Where Angels Dream
  5. Scary Creatures
  6. Twisted Ways
  7. Caressed By the Blackness
  8. Scars in Your Eyes
  9. Take Me to the Never
  10. Sky Among the Clouds


Label: AFM

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: January 15th, 2016

CD review BRAINSTORM "Scary Creatures"