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Vivian Campell, Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain started a new band. Singer Andrew Freeman is completing the line-up of the group that is named after Dio's second album - Last In Line. The guys, except Freeman, have been Ronnie James Dio's band for the "Holy Diver" album and they wanted to do the first Last In Line record in the same spirit as it was in the old days

Vivian Campell states: “When we started this project a few years ago, the initial idea was to reunite the original Dio band to play the songs we wrote and recorded with Ronnie in the early 1980’s. Joined by Andrew Freeman on vocals, we played a handful of shows in southern California, the UK, and Japan. It was a limited ambition, but it brought us great joy in reconnecting to this great music, to each other, and to our collective history.”

“When we first got together as the Last In Line line-up, our ambition at that time didn’t extend to writing and recording any new music", says Campbell, “but when we were offered the opportunity to do so by Frontiers, we decided to enter the studio to write this new album in the very same spirit as we did the Holy Diver album. Back in 1982 Ronnie, Vinny, Jimmy and I went into Sound City studios to kick around ideas and riffs, and about six weeks later we started laying down the tracks for what was to become the Holy Diver album.”

The fist song, "Devil In Me", is posted and gives you an idea about the sound of Last In Line. It sounds like a well-done hardrocker, but I'm not sure if it was smart to name the band after one of the most influential longplayers in metal.



  1. Devil in Me
  2. Martyr
  3. Starmaker
  4. Burn This House Down
  5. I Am Revolution
  6. Blame it on Me
  7. In Flames
  8. Already Dead
  9. Curse the Day
  10. Orange Glow
  11. Heavy Crown
  12. The Sickness


Release date of the album will be February 19th, 2016 and the name of the the record is "Heavy Crown".

Original DIO members start LAST IN LINE
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