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On the 27th of November Metal Blade will re-issue King Diamond's "The Spider's Lullabye" on CD and vinyl.
The CD will be released as a double-Digi-CD featuring a bonus-CD that includes the rare and previously unreleased demos for the album. The LP comes as a double gatefold vinyl including all the bonus tracks as well!


01. From the Other Side
02. Killer
03. The Poltergeist
04. Dreams
05. Moonlight
06. Six Feet Under
07. The Spider's Lullabye
08. Eastmann's Cure
09. Room 17
10. To the Morgue

1. Moonlight (Demo)
2. From The Other Side (Demo)
3. The Spider's Lullabye (Demo)
4. Dreams (Demo)

On the same date, the 27th of November, Metal Blade will also re-issue "House Of God" as a double gatefold vinyl!

Metal Blade re-issues KING DIAMOND's "The Spider's Lullabye"
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