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Live review DANKO JONES, '77, DEAD LORD, Den Haag, 20.11.2015

Veröffentlicht am 22. November 2015 von Markus W. in Danke Jones, '77, Dead Lord, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Punkrock, News, Live Review

A package consisting out of Danko Jones, '77 and Dead Lord is something you shouldn't miss, esp. when they have a stop in your town for playing a show. 

It was on Friday night when this rock'n'roll caravan came to Den Haag for a gig at the Paard Van Troje. 

The first ones that entered the stage have been the four guys from Stockholm that operate under the name of Dead Lord. Their latest album "Heads Held High" was released in late summer this year and since then the band seems to be constantly on tour. I have seen the guys a few month ago when they supported Wolf. Already at that time their show was pure rock'n'roll fun, even though it was on a very small stage in the Cafe in De Boerderij in Zoetermeer.

During time things got even better. Dead Lord didn't get tired by all this touring. Actually the opposite is the case. The band had a lot of fun on stage, the venue was already filled very well when the four-piece started their show and the 30 minutes of Dead Lord's classic rock was a great opening into an excellent hardrock night. The whole thing climaxed in the smoking amplifier of Hakim Krim. I can't tell you if it was real or show. However, the effect was cool.

The next level of this hardrock rocket was ignited by '77. With them it's similar than what I mentioned about Dead Lord. The four guys from Barcelona gained a lot of tightness and self-convidence over the last months.

I was curious to see them live again, because those guys are literally breathing hardrock. If you want to see a band with awesome stage acting, great psoing, big rock postures and pure energy, than  I can recommend you to watch a '77 gig. Yes, their music is very inspired by AC/DC, but so what. Those guys have the right attitude and the right sprit which is something that is highly appreciated by their fans. 

The coolest moment of '77's show was when guitarist LG Valeta jumped of the stage, turned a round through the entire venue, performed with the fans and not only for the fans, just to return back on stage for finalizing the song. This actually happened twice during the set; something that visualizes the closeness of the band and fans very well.

'77 rocked the Paard Van Troje and prepared the crowd for the headliner - Danko Jones.

So, we had Sweden, we had Spain; now it was time for the man the most fans came for - Mr. Danko Jones.

The Canadian guitar maniac set down another pretty cool rock'n'roll show. 75 minutes of Danko Jones (it could have been a bit longer) feels like being caught in a musical tornado that spits you out after the last song.

The guy from Toronto and the stage - that is one unit. Not only being a fanatic guitar player, Danko Jones stands also for energetic entertainment. It's more than just music; it's the entire package that is worth to watch and listen to.

The stage wass set very puristic. A drum kit, a few amplifiers and a few speakers - that's it. The rest is Jones, supported by a tight playing rhythm secion with John Calabrese and Rich Knox. This trio pushed like hell.

Tunes that covered all phases of Danko's releases have been part of the set. Fortunatelly the biggest focus was on the newest release "Fire Music". Songs like "The Twisted Knife" and "Body Bag" are already cool on the album, but in a live environment the tracks gain even more and are pure rock anthems.

This fact was also confirmed by the reaction of the fans. The good vibe during the first four songs was obvious, but during "The Twisted Knive" the crowd partied hard.

In addition to the Danko Jones numbers also "Die, Die My Baby" from the Misfits have been played and Thin Lizzy was honoured with a cover version too. "Are You Ready" has been the first track of the encore and both songs indicate the broad musical influences and preferences of the iconic guitarist from Toronto.

All in all: cool show, great music, excellent bands, lots of fun, adrenalized fans = perfect Friday.


Live review DANKO JONES, '77, DEAD LORD, Den Haag, 20.11.2015

Setlist Danko Jones:

  1. The Rules
  2. Play the Blues
  3. Sugar Chocolate
  4. Forget My Name
  5. The Twisted Knife
  6. Die, Die My Darling 
  7. Samual  Sin
  8. First Date
  9. Do You Wanna Rock
  10. Had Enough
  11. Code of the Road
  12. Legs
  13. Invisible
  14. Watch You Slide
  15. Cadillac
  16. Lovercall
  17. Gonna Be a Fight Tonight
  18. Are You Ready (Encore)
  19. Body Bags (Encore)
  20. Full of Regret (Encore)
  21. Mountain (Encore)


Location: Paard Van Troje, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Date: 20.11.2015